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  • Product Review: PUFF.ME

    I have very curly haSAMSUNG CSCir, naturally. In my world, volume is the absolute last thing I need. However, in recent years, I've been straightening my hair nearly every day which brings me from a bad 80's hairdo to something a little more tame. However, I oftentimes find myself missing the volume that comes alongside my unruly curly hair so I douse my hair with volumizing sprays, blow dry and flat iron in the opposite direction to build a little extra height- anything to make it look a little less lifeless. After trying numerous dry shampoos and sprays I came across a little pink bottle titled 'Puff.Me'.

    Puff.Me is a product brought to you by the brand Design.Me. It is a 'volumizing cloud mist'- something I had never heard of before. Upon spraying it, it looks a little bit like you're just spraying baby powder- it's unscented and nearly translucent once it's in your hair. However, unlike dry shampoo's or baby powder, Puff.Me creates an interesting texture once it hits your hair. Sticky is the definitely wrong term to use, however that is kind of what it feels like. It creates a unique type of stiffness- a hold, if you will, that I have never experienced using any other product which is why it's so hard for me to describe. You're supposed to direct the product at your roots, and spray about 2-4 inches away for the best results. I did that in a few areas and then flipped my head over to tousle it (in an effort to disperse it, even though that's not really in the instructions, it's simply out of habit) and then combed it through a few more times. After flipping my hair back over and styling the way I usually do (just a side part) it looked like I had teased it. It works. And plus, after combing it through and moving the product around a little bit, the interesting 'this product is not moving' feeling that it initially created mostly went away. It didn't make my hair look greasy, you could see no powder at all and it held up pretty well. After feeling it initially, I thought it would weigh my hair down which is counteractive to what it's actually supposed to do- but it was surprisingly lightweight and didn't bother me at all.

    I'm one of the lucky ones who has a really full head of hair, so volume and my hair appearing to be 'thin' has never been a worry of mine- I'm just a fan of big hair. But for those who have naturally thin hair, this is definitely a product you should consider picking up. At a price point of nearly $15, it may seem like a bit of an investment- but I can assure you that if you want volume, this product will give it to you.  Whether you're wearing your hair down, styling it for an up-do or even putting it in a braid, Puff.Me will make your hair look like you spent way longer styling it than simply pumping a product a few times.


  • Splurge vs. Steal - What's The Big Deal?

    Let's face it. Sometimes we want to use products that'll give us great results, but the budget doesn't always agree with us. In the hair and beauty world especially, it's so easy to drop outlandish amounts of money without even realizing it. A few twenty dollar liquid lipsticks and ten dollar nail polishes doesn't seem like much, physically, but before you know it you're a hundred dollars in the can. If you're anything like me (come on people, don't leave me hanging here) you're very picky about what products you use. For YEARS I would only use OPI nail polish- where that extreme bias came from is beyond me, but these nails would not touch an Essie or Color Club if I could help it. However in recent months, my nail polish collection has expanded exponentially, and yes, that includes Essie polish. It took some time, but I found myself asking why was I so against these polishes? They're some of the best in the industry (and they're like, a dollar and fifty cents cheaper than OPI!), You think that dollar and fifty cents isn't much but when you've got 100 polishes, that's an extra hundred and fifty dollars in your pocket. Or again, if you're like me, you can head right over to Taco Bell between 2pm-5pm and take advantage of Happy Hour. Either one works, really.

    The moral of that story is even though we're accustomed to a certain product, that doesn't mean every other product similar to it sucks. In reality, there's probably at least a few other products that will give you the same results as the product you're using now- or, they might even be better! The beauty world term for this is dupe. It's just a shorter, kinda cuter version for duplicate however dupe by definition means to deceive or trick. Let's stick with my nail polish tale in regards to this. Say someone put an Essie nail polish in an empty OPI bottle- I would have been none the wiser. Looking at the polishes objectively, the formulas are very similar. They apply, dry and wear close to the same- but for some reason I was hell bent for OPI. This same principle applies for numerous other beauty and hair products (and their difference in price might be more than a Happy Hour drink at Taco Bell). As the saying goes, you'll never know unless you try.

    For example, here we have two dry shampoos. The Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Shampoo is talc free and mineral/clay based to help absorb excess oils, product build up and impurities. It also contains UV filters to help protect hair against harmful UV rays- which makes it exceptionally good for use on color treated hair as it will prolong the time between washes and protect it from lightening due to the sun. Batiste Dry Shampoo leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean, while adding some body and texture to help give your hair a quick and easy style. Batiste revitalizes greasy hair by absorbing the excess oils and adding a touch of shine to dull and lifeless hair.

    Batiste Dry Shampoo: 9.99

    Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo: 14.40

    The price difference is obviously something any shopper would note- you're getting almost double the product with Batiste for nearly five dollars less than Big Sexy Hair. Most people would opt for Batiste based solely on that. Be it cheaper, it may not be better, however. Sure, the Batiste Dry Shampoo does it's job and works perfectly fine- which is more than likely why it's deemed one of the most popular dry shampoos in the world. However, the Big Sexy Hair on the other hand is a little bit more high end which would explain the price tag. That dry shampoo goes above and beyond to protect your hair from the harmfulness of the sun, and presents itself more as an 'every other day' styling product than just a quick "I don't want to wash my hair" product.

    When it comes to hair and beauty products, the ideology that you get what you pay for is often seen. And it's true, in more cases than not the higher end product will perform better than it's more affordable counter part. However, that doesn't mean that the more affordable option isn't worth trying; because sometimes the product will do it's job, but usually not for as long, or necessarily as well as the more expensive option.




  • You're Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes? Me Neither. But We Should Be!

    SAMSUNG CSCAttention makeup users! If you’re like me and wear lots of makeup (I’m talking eyes, lips, face- the whole sha’bang) odds are you use a myriad of brushes to apply all those products. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t clean my brushes often, and definitely not as often as one really should. Between the actual time it takes to do my makeup and getting through the day, it’s a miracle I even take off my makeup at night, let alone take the time to clean all my brushes. However, this is a trend that we need to stop! Not only is it kind of gross, it’s unsanitary and can lead to things like eye infections and the worsening of acne.

    Shockingly enough, dermatologists recommend you wash your brushes every day. EVERY DAY. Daily brush washing would be ideal to entirely rid them of excess makeup and bacteria, but let’s be real…who has the time to deep clean their brushes every single day? It’s a goal to strive for to say the least, but in the meantime let’s shoot for a thorough wash bi weekly, with daily touch ups. You can purchase spray cleaners for your brushes to quickly clean them after use- so a quick spritz of that onto all your makeup brushes at the end of your routine will only tack on a couple extra minutes, and you’re helping yourself tenfold in the long run.

    You should view your makeup brushes the same way you view hair. All brushes are different- some more fragile and fine than others, some requiring conditioning and the list goes on. And remember that synthetic brushes are, well, synthetic. They don’t absorb makeup and oil the same way natural hair brushes do, meaning that all the product your using (plus the oils and dirt that’s inevitably on your skin) is going to build up on the bristles which can weigh them down. Now when you’re actually washing the brushes, you’ve gotta be careful with how you manipulate them. Swirl them around and move them side to side but don’t press down too hard on the bristles or bend them more than you normally would as this could lead to permanent misshape of the brush. It might not seem like a big deal but trying to get a sharp wing on your eyeliner with a brush that has stray hairs and a bent bristle is nearly impossible. Clean your brushes on something with a texture like a cleansing mat (give the Cosmat Cleaning Pad a try!) or even a towel to ensure that all the bristles are getting as clean as possible.

    The way you dry your brushes is almost as important as how you clean them. Make sure to dry your brushes in a way the water doesn’t get into the handle (which means don’t just throw them back into your makeup bag) as that can cause loosening of the bristles or the head entirely. Take a wet brush, soak up excess water by squeezing it with a wash cloth, ‘brush’ it in a way that helps it resemble its original shape and allow it to dry somewhere that it can receive air on ALL sides. If you rest it on one side, you’ll end up with a flat side to your brush.

    Makeup brushes are an investment and should be treated as such. With some brushes costing an upwards of forty or fifty dollars each, we don’t want anything in our control to ruin them. Taking the extra 20 minutes every couple weeks to really cleanse your brushes, even though you might not really want to, is crucial for sanitary reasons. And hey, you might even begin to see breakouts begin to diminish! It’s worth a shot.

  • Dry Shampoo 101

    SAMSUNG CSCOftentimes regarded as a holy grail product, dry shampoo has saved us from washing our hair when we feel, for lack of a better term, just a little too lazy. Although this somewhat 'cult' hair product is best known for banishing greasy hair, it can also be used for reviving flat hair and adding volume at the roots. Dry shampoo's duty is to bring lackluster hair back to life- and if used properly, you'll have no problems making your hair look fresh and clean (even if it's been a day...or five).

    Arguably one of the most recognizable of these products are the Batiste Dry Shampoo's, which can be identified by the colorful patterns that wrap themselves around the bottle. The brand's Clean & Classic scent will leave your hair smelling like you just showered, while their myriad of other scents including the Coconut & Exotic Tropical and Floral & Flirty Blush will provide you with a scent for nearly every day of the week.

    Unlike the Batiste dry shampoo's that will just refresh your hair, there are other products that will both refresh and add volume to your hair. The Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is talc free, and will absorb excess oils while adding volume and texture. The Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo is a translucent spray (meaning it's great for all hair colors) that will foremost absorb oils while lifting the hair and adding body at the roots, making it an ideal pre-styling spray.

    If overused, excess dry shampoo can lead to nasty build up on the scalp, dryness and can actually worsen dandruff. It's important to note that when you do finally wash your hair, make sure to really clarify and cleanse the scalp to ensure that this saving grace of a hair product doesn't cause more trouble than it does good.

  • Wait, Why Aren't You Using A Hair Mask?

    SAMSUNG CSCHair masks are without question a Holy Grail beauty product, but we find ourselves asking- why aren’t more people using them? Although there are a lot of myths behind hair masks, such as they make your hair greasy, they’re too heavy for certain hair types or what have you- I guarantee you there is a mask out there for everybody.

    When it comes to masks, the most important thing you can do is read the packaging. Odds are if a hair mask is making your hair greasy or ‘crunchy’, it’s not for your hair type. Another reason you may be seeing less than positive effects it’s because you’re using the mask wrong. Some hair masks are designed for weekly use, daily use, monthly use and so on and so forth. If you’re using a ‘once a month’ mask once a week, there you have it. Myth debunked! However, you should be using masks fairly regularly (we’re talking once a week, ladies and gentlemen)- especially during the changing of seasons. Altered temperatures and sun exposure can wreck total havoc on all hair types, so it’s best to play it safe and throw on a moisturizing mask every now and then to prevent dry and brittle hair. When applying a hair mask, be it on wet hair or on dry hair, it is crucial that you focus on the ends of your hair. Focusing on this part of your hair with a mask mixed with regular trimming will prevent breakage and split ends, giving your hair a more sleek appearance overall.

    It’s also important to shampoo and condition your hair after applying a mask. Once the mask has done its thing, grab a gentle shampoo and conditioner and make sure to thoroughly cleanse the hair. Oil based masks especially will leave a greasy appearance towards the scalp if not properly washed out, so it is key that you spend a little extra time washing the hair to ensure a soft and shiny result.

    More so than moisturizing the hair itself, regular use of hair masks can prevent dandruff. There are some masks geared specifically towards dandruff prevention, however any mask with healing ingredients and natural oils will soothe and moisturize a dry scalp.

    Having adequately moisturized hair will also prevent fading when it comes to coloring your hair. You should start using a hair mask at least two or three weeks prior to getting color applied to the hair if you aren’t already. After coloring, you will want to keep up this routine to help retain as much moisture in the hair as possible, which will make the color look more vibrant and help protect the hair from becoming brittle.

    Any time is a great time to start using hair masks, it’s never too late to start taking better care of your hair. As much of a hassle as hair masks may seem, there’s a mask for practically everyone and anyone’s schedule. Masks are designed for all time frames- 5 minutes, overnight, 20 minutes…the list goes on. You can even throw on a mask in the shower. leave it on while you shave your legs and rinse it out when you’re done, it’s that simple and will benefit your hair tenfold in the long run.

    Here are some masks to try: Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus (Dry/Damaged Hair), It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask (Dry/Damaged Hair), Ouidad Melt-Down (Curly Hair), Wella Age Restore (Aged/Coarse Hair), Alterna Bamboo UV+ (Damaged/Color Treated Hair), Keratin Complex Blondeshell (Blonde Hair)

  • Marula Pure Beauty Oil - Is This Missing From Your Beauty Collection?

    marulaMarula Oil is a naturally superior, doctor recommended oil for both skin and hair- making it an extremely versatile addition to any beauty regimen. Skin products range from a Foaming Cleansing Oil, a hybrid cleanser that provides the user with benefits found in traditional cleansers (gel and oil) without harmful sulfates or an oily residue, to Pure Marula Eye Cream, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles ultimately leaving you with the appearance of refreshed and youthful eyes. There is an even more vast collection of hair products as Marula Pure Beauty Oil has solutions for every hair type- course/curly, damaged/chemically treated and fine/thin hair.

    Coarse & Curly Hair + Damaged & Chemically Treated Hair:

    Deep Moisture Hair Mask – Intense conditioning treatment to rebalance the scalp, improve hair elasticity and restore essential moisture. Daily Moisture Mist (Leave-In Conditioning Heat Protector) – Multi-functional leave-in conditioner providing heat protection up to 428 degrees. Intensive Repair Shampoo – Sulfate free shampoo to rebuild and revive dry/damaged hair by restoring moisture and shine. Intensive Repair Conditioner – Deep conditioning treatment to protect color-treated hair damage while sealing the hair cuticle to add vibrancy and shine to the hair.

    Fine & Thin Hair:

    Daily Moisture Mist (Leave-In Conditioning Heat Protector) – Multi-functional leave-in conditioner providing heat protection up to 428 degrees. Weightless Moisture Conditioner – Gentle and rich weightless, sulfate free conditioner to hydrate moisture deprived hair and protect color from fading. Weightless Moisture Shampoo – Gentle and mild moisturizing shampoo to replenish moisture and add shine while protecting hair from damage and fading.

    In addition to a myriad of ‘in the shower’ products, Marula Pure Beauty Oil also offers treatments such as:

    5-in-1 Volumizing Spray – Create immediate volume at the roots of the hair and build both body and a thicker appearance without residue while maintaining natural looking shine. Intensive Hair Treatment and Styling Oil - Silicone-free and color safe leave-in styling and conditioning treatment to deliver moisture and protect the hair while reducing frizz and adding shine. Light Hair Treatment and Styling Oil – Lightweight, color safe leave-in styling and conditioning treatment to deliver moisture and protect the hair while reducing frizz and adding shine without adding unnecessary weight to thin/fine hair.

    Marula Oil has an overwhelmingly high content of antioxidants and fatty acids (such as Omega 6 and Omega 9) which makes it superior at anti-aging. Not only can Marula Oil be used on its own, but it can also be added to other facial care and beauty products to boost their efficiency. Marula Pure Beauty Oil is a versatile, multi-use product that is a necessary addition to your collection of beauty and hair care products.

  • Primers: The Most Important Step You May Be Neglecting!

    primers NYX Shine Killer, NYX Pore Filler, NYX Photo-Loving Primer, NYX HD Studio Primer

    We ALL want a flawless face whenever we apply our makeup. Sometimes, we just jump into our look without taking the necessary steps to ensure our makeup stays on for as long as possible. That is why priming your face before makeup application is so important to make sure that you get the maximum life out of your makeup. There are various types of primers for various skin types, so let’s talk about them.

    There are many primers out there and a lot of them have different purposes.  Not only are there regular primers that work very well on most skin types, but there are primers to help color correct, there are primers to help keep oil at bay, and there are primers to help conceal larger pores.

    Regular Primers: Primers that don’t target specific skin needs are typically universal and can work for most skin types that don’t require specific needs. Primers like the NYX HD Foundation Primer and the Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer can be used on most skin types and will help prevent makeup from creasing, fading or melting away.

    Color Correcting Primers: These are best for people who have specific undertones they want to counteract. Those with more red pigmentation should use a green colored primer to help counteract the redness that they do not want visible. Similarly, those with more yellow undertones should use a purple primer to help counteract the more yellowy pigments. These will create a more evened out appearance of the skin for foundation. NYX has a few different color correcting primers, such as the Studio Perfect Primers in Lavender & Green.

    Oily Skin Primers: This is one of the more popular types of primers. These primers are usually oil-free to help keep further oil production. They are typically thinner in consistency and will help keep your oil at bay for longer without having to blot your face as frequently. NYX Shine Killer is perfect for this need.

    Pore Filling Primers: This is the category that I typically fall into. I don’t have very oily skin but I do have larger pores so this is the type of primer I usually go for. These are also usually oil-free and will fill in the look of larger pores to create a softer look. I am obsessed with NYX Pore Filler primer; it really creates a smooth look and makes my skin look flawless.

    Shop all primers [here]

    What type of primer do you usually go for? Let us know in the comments below!







  • Zoella Beauty - New at Beauty Plus Salon

    Wondrous Whip, Pretty Polished, Soap Pop, Blissful Mistful (Solid Fragrance) Wondrous Whip, Pretty Polished, Soap Pop, Blissful Mistful (Solid Fragrance), Makeup Bag

    Introducing Zoella Beauty- a wide array of primarily bath and body care products curated by popular lifestyle YouTuber Zoe Sugg, better known as her online/public persona Zoella. The brands offerings include products such as the Fizz Bar (Fragranced Bath Fizzer) and the Wondrous Whip Body Cream- creating a unique, Zoella-fied bath and body experience. Zoella Beauty was initially launched in the U.K. over two years ago and first made a trip stateside in 2016 upon the release of a limited edition holiday line. However Zoella Beauty is here to stay and now has an American line comprised of fan favorites from past collections. This beauty brand is a direct reflection of Zoella’s personality- cute, whimsical and created in hopes to help alleviate anxieties by providing an all-around pleasant experience. Zoella knocked the packaging out of the park with this one. Some products are so pretty it pains us to unwrap them or break the seal- but not only is this brand aesthetically pleasing, it is also extremely affordable. There is not one product in the line that exceeds $15 in price, meaning you can buy two of everything. After indulging yourself in an array of Zoella Beauty products, you’ll feel rather dainty and delightful without breaking the bank. Beauty Plus Salon carries the following Zoella Beauty products:

    Zoella Soap Pop – Fragranced soap on a stick with ingredients to help keep skin feeling smooth

    Zoella Blissful Mistful (Solid Fragrance) – A solid fragrance in a portable container for easy on the go use

    Zoella Soak Opera – Bath and shower cream that can be used directly on wet skin or as bubble bath

    Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy – Body lotion with skin-loving ingredients to soften and condition the skin

    Zoella Pretty Polished – Sugar scrub used to exfoliate and rid your skin of dull and dead skin

    Zoella Blissful Mistful – Fresh and floral scented fragrance

    Zoella Wonder Hand Cream – Hand cream packed with moisturizers to keep your hands soft and smooth

    Zoella Scooper Dooper – Foaming bath soak with ingredients to keep your skin feeling soft

    Zoella Wondrous Whip – Lightly whipped body cream to condition and soften the skin

    Zoella Fizz Bar – Eight small cubes of bath fizzers to create a relaxing bathing experience

  • Voluminous Hair Has Never Been So Easy!


    All of us aspire to have giant hair from time to time … Okay, maybe all the time. Whether you dream of beachy, textured hair or just plain big and voluminous hair, Redken has just the products for you. Recently, they launched the newest members of their family, Beach Envy Volume and High Rise Volume. Your hair will certainly rise (literally) above the rest.

    For those who are curious, yes, Redken did in fact discontinue the Body Full line, and these products will be taking its place. High Rise is your more volumizing line if you want a polished but still big and voluminous look, especially those who have finer hair types and need some lift and body. The High Rise Lifting Shampoo is your starting point for cleaning and lifting your hair all at once. It will give you body and a beautiful, silky finish. It is perfect for those who have flat and fine hair types that need a boost. Need a volumizing conditioner? Look no further than the High Rise Volume Lifting Conditioner. No one wants big voluminous hair with knots, am I right? This volumizing conditioner will not only give limp hair lift, but it will also detangle at the same time for big hair without the hassle. Hair is left soft and easier to style and work with, making the process a lot more manageable when styling. Speaking of styling, after washing hair you need a product to coordinate with your shower routine. That’s where the High Rise Volume Duo Volumizer comes in. This product is unique as it is a gel-cream, so you get the long life of the gel and the manageability of a cream to make your hair unbeatable. It combines the power of both products to give you unbelievable lift, body and volume. Let’s say you don’t exactly want huge hair, but you want the appearance that you just stepped off of a beach and your hair is wavy, textured, and just gorgeous. You either want to go big or beachy, and we talked about big already, so let’s go beachy, shall we? The Beach Envy line will be your best friend if you dream of summer waves. The Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo is your starting point. It gently cleanses hair as it gives volumizes and gives texture to the hair all at once. It will give amplified, loose and just downright beautiful waves. To further add to the summer look, follow with Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Conditioner. What’s interesting about this conditioner is that it has a unique consistency; it is a gel-lotion conditioner but it will not give a weird feeling to the hair. It gently conditions and detangles hair while it gives body and texture and sets the hair up for beautiful waves. If you need a product to further help achieve those waves without the sand, look no further than the Beach Envy Wave Aid Spray. This salt-free styling treatment spray contains a blend of minerals to infuse hair with texture and movement without feeling crunchy. It is perfect for using before styling or air drying. Spraying on wet hair before air drying, blow drying or diffusing will give it an effortless look. If you want to use it on dry hair, use before curling or waving hair for a knockout look.

    Would you want to go big, or go beachy? What type of hair would you prefer? Leave a comment below, or if you have already tried either line!

  • Get Your Best Hair Yet!


    Great hair is something almost every woman dreams of. Whether your idea of great hair is smooth, soft, shiny, full -  it doesn't matter - it's something we all strive for. Here at Beauty Plus, that is our goal - to help you customize your hair routine to achieve your goals of beautiful hair. The most basic steps to great hair are 1. Wash and Condition, 2. Repair and Hydrate, 3. Prep and Protect, and 4. Style and Finish.

    Lets start with washing and conditioning... It seems so extra basic that I shouldn't have to mention it right? WRONG! There is more to picking the right shampoo and conditioner than meets the eye. You must truly understand what your goals (and hair needs) are before choosing a shampoo and conditioner. Don't get me wrong, there are no "one size fits all" shampoo/conditioner duos out there - but some come close. One of my favorites is Redken's Color Extend Magnetics duo. It is color safe - and, lets be honest, most woman today color their hair  - so finding a color safe shampoo is extremely important. (You don't? that's ok, this shampoo and conditioner are still great for you!) The shampoo is sulfate free, gentle and lightweight (which is great, it won't weigh you down if you are looking for volume!). The conditioner has targeted repair properties that will help restore your hair. It will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth but never weighed down.

    Next is the step that most woman skip - mostly because they are unaware of this step or scared of it. You have to, I repeat - HAVE TO - use a mask treatment on your hair at the very least bi-monthly (I use one weekly). Masks help repair everyday damage to your hair - like heat styling and environmental - and add much needed moisture back to your locks.  Yes, it is true that some masks could leave your hair a little oily afterwards, but that's ok! That oil is helping moisturize your hair - moisturized hair is healthy hair! One of my favorite masks (and if you've read the blog before - I've mentioned it before) is the Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intense Treatment Mask. It is an oil infused mask that provides nourishment for dull/damaged hair. It also adds a layer of oil for protection for further damage! It will leave your hair with a luster of shine, and smoothness that you've always been looking for!

    After you've washed and conditioned (or washed and treated) - comes prep and protect. This is probably the most important step of the four basic steps. Why you ask? Because everything you do to your hair after this point is DAMAGING! Brushing your hair is damaging. Blow drying your hair is damaging. Curling/flat ironing your hair is damaging. Riding in your car with the windows down is damaging. And yes, just leaving your house and getting fresh air is damaging! We all know about the first few and how heat can ruin your luscious locks, but people rarely think about the environmental stressors for your hair. The sun, wind, and dry air can wreak havoc on your hair if you aren't protecting it. That's where this step comes in! The Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Cream is sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to heat protection. It will not only protect your hair from heat up to 450 degrees, but it will reduce drying time, prevent breakage, and it will leave your hair stronger and healthier. But, I'm going to be honest with you - I always find that I need two leave in products when it comes to my own prep and protect step. Before I even worry about blowing out my hair - I first need to detangle it from the shower, right? After I've towel dried my hair, I spray in Redken's One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Treatment. I use this to protect my hair from my brush - helping to eliminate friction and pulling. You could argue that any detangling spray would work - but I'm going to tell you why you need this one! This spray has 25 benefits in one little bottle - that's 15 more benefits than an It's a 10 product! It will give your hair increased manageability, protection, and beauty. It can be used as a leave-in spray to condition, nourish, reduce dryness and detangle to make hair stronger and healthier. It will also prime your hair before hot styling to prevent heat damage, split ends, and color fade. Also, it will help give hair a silky touch to help smooth, control frizz and add a luxurious shine to the hair. Using both will give your hair the ultimate amount of moisture and protection for anything that comes your way for the day!

    Lastly, you style and finish your look. Picking the right product to finish of your style could be the make or break for long lasting looks. Luckily, Redken has a whole family of finishing sprays - from quick dry to extreme hold - there's a spray for everyone. Control Addict 28 is a hairspray I always have on hand!





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