How to Keep Your Red Color Bright With Joico

Dying to keep your red? Here’s how…

Don’t Wash Your Hair Right After Your Salon Visit:

Stylists recommend waiting 24 – 48 hours after getting red color to shampoo your hair.

When You Do Wash Your Hair, Do So Accordingly:

Hot water will open the hair’s cuticle. So shampooing hair with hot water will give you a really good cleansing; but then you need to do a cold-water rinse to close the cuticle and lock in your color. This routine will make a huge difference in preserving, not just reds, but all hair color.

Genereally speaking, it’s a good rule to follow.

If your hair is red, your shampoo should be too:

Choosing a shampoo for red hair is KEY. Joico’s Color Infuse Red Shampoo and Conditioner are designed specifically to amp up the intensity and shine of red hair, while also protecting strands from damage. Using this combination is a great way to keep your red hair vibrant and refreshed between salon visits.

Following these simple tips will help maintain your brightest, freshest looking red hair! Interested in trying the Joico Infuse Red Line? Click here!

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