Essie's Winter Wonderland Collection

Essie's Winter Wonderland Collection

essie winter

Welcome to Winter Wonderland Chic! Essie has six new shades that will sure to please. Whether you're hitting the slopes or sitting fire side, the new Essie Winter Collection has a color for everyone! It has three hard hitting, bold beauties and three very perfect, laid back lovely shades.

Virgin Snow: this icy frozen lavender is just waiting to be discovered


Shall We Chalet?: it’s impossible to resist this seductive ruby


Haute Tub: turn up the fashion heat and take the plunge in indulgent jet black with amethyst fire


Apres-Chic: sport this iconic platinum and go from ski bunny to winter wonderland queen


Altitude Attitude: rise to the occasion in elevated sublime scarlet and scale the heights of fashion without batting a lash


Peak Show: this scenic powder pink, it's the place to be, in all its pretty glory


Grab them [here] for $7.49 each or pick up the super cute Winter Collection Set [here] which includes Haute Tub, Apres-Chic, Virgin Snow and Shall We Chalet?

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