Colortrak Ambassador Collection Color Brush Replacement Heads 2 Pack

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Colortrak Ambassador Collection Brush Replacement Heads consists of two replacement brush heads in each pack. One with feather bristles, and one with firm bristles. Quickly switch out brush heads to design the perfect transitional blends, or play with product density for the perfect coat of dye for your look.
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Thumb print textured for a more secure and natural grip, the Ambassador Collection Color Brush was ergonomically designed with a thicker handle to reduce hand/wrist fatigue. The two interchangeable brush heads are easy to change, easy to clean yet stay fastened securely on the brush handle for many hair coloring applications.
Our BPS Beauty Advisors recommend Colortrak' s Ambassador Collection - a luxury collection of ergonomically designed color brushes with replaceable heads, clear, re-sealable bowls, and the Stylist Color Palette with our revolutionary grip ring. Each detail was expertly fashioned with the professional hair colorist in mind for styling, coloring and processing applications.
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