Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye 4 oz

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Fairy Tales lice good-bye is a natural treatment proven to treat lice and their eggs. It is safe for repeated use during a lice outbreak and during head checks.
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Fairy Tales lice good-bye is a best-selling, natural lice removal proven to eliminate lice and their eggs. Formulated with natural enzymes, it is clinically proven to remove and dissolve bugs. Without harsh chemicals and pesticides, it naturally removes lice and super lice.
Our BPS beauty advisors recommend you pump 4-6 pumps of mousse into hands. Apply to damp hair in layers with a massaging motion. Let the mousse sit for 10-15 minutes and comb thoroughly, starting at the scalp. Wipe residue on a paper towel after combing each section.
Naturally Occurring, Non-Bacteria, Biodegradable, Enzymatic Solution Derived From Safe Yeast Strains, Water, Mild Non-Ionic Surfactant Blend.
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