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Malibu Crystal Gel Packet 0.17 oz

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Crystal Gel is an original natural wellness treatment specially formulated to prep hair for all chemical services, remove build up and discoloration, and normalize the hair and scalp.
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Crystal Gel is an original natural wellness treatment that natural primes hair to ensure a flawless chemical service. Formulated to activate with water and transform into a gel, this treatment removes hard water minerals and chlorine from the hair and scalp, discoloration caused by iron and copper, and normalizes the pH and exfoliation rate of the hair and scalp.
Our BPS beauty advisors recommend you pour crystals into a mixing jar or applicator bottle with 2 ounces of warm water. Shake and allow the crystals to transform into a gel. Section clean, wet hair and work gel into hair using maximum pressure of palms and fingertips. Apply a processing cap and expose to heat for 10-45 minutes. Shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly.
Sodium gluconate, ascorbic acid, disodium EDTA, xanthan gum.
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