• Are You Racing Against Gray Re-Growth?

    Do you find yourself freaking out when you see the gray re-growth creeping in?  Especially when you have Aunt Tilly’s Anniversary party and getting an appointment with your stylist is next to none without much notice. You’re not alone, there is a lot of maintenance in coloring your hair, especially, if you’re spending big bucks with visits to the salon. Welcome to the world of root touch-ups, also known as root concealers, or as some people call it, their “secret” to keeping their hair looking great in between salon visits.  This styling aid has made the ease of temporary gray coverage a no-brainer, and if you haven’t tried a root-touch product, here’s some info that can assist on giving it a shot.

    A Variety of Formulas and Colors Offered

    Root touch-up color is available in multiple colors from blond to black and various shades in between; formulas range from “lipstick style” color sticks, “mascara wand” color tubes, to powders, and or sprays. Deciding which one works best for you, really depends on the ease of application for your gray hair challenges.

    Got a ton of Gray?

    IMG_1020If you have a ton of gray?   I would consider a spray as it covers a great deal of hair in the shortest amount of time, Salon in Bottle Root Touch Up, offers colors from dark blonde shades to very dark brown and black.  What’s more, it’s precision nozzle allows you to spear head root areas with ease.  Just spray directly onto gray areas!  This life-saver touch up color is swim-proof, smudge-proof, and lasts until your next shampoo.  Another spray, Style Edit Root Concealer also available in a variety colors from blonde to black instantly covers gray in seconds and its condition formula with color adaptive pigments, smoothly adhere to the hair fibers and self-adjusts to perfectly match your hair color.   Prefer something besides a spray?  Consider Ardell Touch of Color, available with a sponge like applicator, it’s effortless, just twist to release the formula and apply where needed.

     Gray in Hair Line Only?

    If you don’t have a ton of gray, maybe you notice some areas at the hair line or around the ear, I would consider root touch-up formulas which give more control in application.  Powders like Color Wow Root Cover, available in 5 colors from blonde to black offer a simple application as it’s just a powder compact with a small brush.  This professional mineral powder is applied to dry hair with the brush and is put on by patting from roots to ends. It’s water-resistant and lasts until shampooed out.   Not a fan of the brush?  Powders also come with another type of applicator like Style Edits Root Touch-Up Powder, which uses a sponge applicator, with a IMG_1016canister-like powder, just sweep a small amount of powder over gray roots starting from scalp and working outward.  Maybe you’d like to experiment with a color stick?  Think about Roux Tween Time Touch Up Stick, an oversized lipstick-like tube of color which instantly covers grays roots.  Ideal for quick touch up, just moisten the tip and apply to gray areas, lasts until next shampoo.  These cover-ups are best for those who like to efficiently mask even the smallest of areas.

    Gray Facial Hair?

    If you’re looking to cover just your facial hair?  Consider Clubman Moustache Wax, it is a grooming, styling, and color touch-up product; available in Black, Brown, or Chestnut.  This unique styling aid is perfect for training mustaches, beards, sideburns and unruly hair without being greasy. It will also keep the bushiest eyebrows in place. It is water soluble, washes out easily.

    In the end, there is nothing wrong with gray hair, hey it’s a sign of age and wisdom!  But if you’d like the option to camouflage the gray, seek one of the easy solutions, you’ll be happy you did.

  • Beyond Cosmetics - 8 Beauty Essentials for Fall

    IMG_1074 2Whether it’s heading back to school, starting a job, or preparing for the Fall, I think we can all agree it’s a time when we’re on the lookout for beauty basics to make the start of something feel fresh. Read on and consider these 8 Fall beauty essentials to take your beauty regime from mundane to marvelous!

    1. Makeup Brushes- Make the first day of Fall fabulous with the Moda Metallics 7 pc. Total Face and Lip Kit Pro Makeup Brush Kit. A first impression begins with your face and this kit has the basic brushes for a smart makeup application. A 100% Vegan set, these brushes are designed with professional quality fibers, sturdy aluminum ferrules, and waterproof textured metallic handles. Put your best face forward!
    2. Travel Flat Iron- Beat the remainder of the summer heat and smooth unruly hair and or add last-minute beach weaves with the Babyliss Travel Iron. A perfect compact size iron to pop in a gym bag yet has the power to straighten the toughest tresses. This ‘must have’ beauty essential can get you from drab to fab in minutes.
    3. Dry Shampoo- Starting a new job? Running for classes? If you haven’t tried Hask Charcoal with citrus Dry Shampoo, you sincerely need too! A must have for your mane, this lightweight ultra-fine rice starch formula is infused with charcoal powder and can work wonders.  All it takes is a couple of sprays, it soaks up sweat and odor leaving your hair soft and smelling sensational.
    4. Diffuser- Wavy hair/Curly hair? It’s crucial for curly hair-types to own a Deva Curl Devafuser, this unique, universal diffuser delivers 360-degree airflow to completely surround curls. A patented design, this diffuser enhances the appearance of natural curls, and dries curly hair faster than other traditional diffusers. Keep your curls coiled!
    5. Tweezers- The lifeblood of any makeup bag is Tweezerman Tweezers, famous for its precision, these tweezers can grab every hair every time. Baby the brows, and treat them to the best tweezer you will ever own.
    6. Eyelash Curler- The difference between looking tired or terrific is an eyelash curler. Props for Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler, one word- unbelievable.
    7. Nail Nourisher- If you’re facing Fall with dry and brittle nails? Begin with Duri Rejuvacote Formula 1, it works to extend the life of a manicure, while warding off dryness and encouraging strong, healthy nail growth.
    8. Glam Roll-Up- Dash to the dorm this Fall with getting lipsticks, glosses, and nail polishes prepared and packed with this “portable shelf” - the Smoochi. This clear, sectioned, packable bag enables you to forego bulky storage bins and see all your collections instantly.  Now You Can See It™

    If it’s just a new season, perhaps it’s a reason to take the time and review what you can improve.  Here’s a few takeovers, makeup brushes if matted usually need to be thrown out.  Why lug around a big flat iron in your gym bag? Baby Babyliss to the rescue! Need a boost in the makeup routine?  Add the Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler. In the end, little changes like these can really make a difference.  Whatever you choose, start your beginning with a bang!

  • Fine or Thinning Hair? Consider this…

    Thinning hair can be stressful.  Both men and women share this challenge, whether it’s age, genetics, stress, or a medical situation - fine and or thinning hair can make you feel insecure and unattractive.  What can you do?  There are a variety of products on the market to improve the look of fine or thinning hair but read on to find out which one is the standout.

    Imagine a product that in seconds can make your hair fuller, it’s called Toppik Hair Fibers and it’s changed millions of men and women’s lives around the world who have been struggling with hair loss.

    toppikWhat is Toppik Hair Fibers and how do they work?

    Toppik Hair fibers are primarily made up of keratin, a protein found in human hair.  It’s really cool how the fibers work, it’s magnetism! The keratin fibers have a strong natural static charge which creates a magnetic effect, these fibers adhere to even the smallest hairs on the scalp and create fullness and a more dense-like hair consistency resulting into a thick full head of hair.

    How do you apply Toppik?

    It’s easy to apply, just sprinkle Toppik onto dry hair in the areas you’re thinning or need more fullness.  Application can take a few seconds for shorter hair or few minutes for longer hair.  You’re probably wondering, does it look authentic?  Yes, it does, and to make things even easier, Toppik has created a patented spray applicator that creates a natural looking hairline and gives precise coverage in sparse areas.

    Will Toppik Hair Fibers work on my type of hair?  Toppik Hair Fibers works on any kind of hair from curly to straight, short or long.  There are 9 shades available and if your hair is a combination of hues, like salt-n-pepper, highlighted, or lowlighted – mixing shades you can achieve the shade that works for you.

    How long does it last?  Toppik Hair Fibers last through your next shampoo and will not stain, or bleed in the meantime.  You do not need a special shampoo for rinsing out the fibers.

    Do the hair fibers fall out?   Toppik’s formula will not fallout and resists wind, rain, and perspiration.

    So, if you’re looking to enhance your situation which you may have thought was irreversible, consider giving Toppik a try and join the millions who have!

  • Stop Color Fade With Just 3 Products!

    Do you have color treated hair?   Does your gorgeous chestnut brown bob turn into muddy waters after a couple of weeks?  Or maybe the fantasy flame red turns more like flat red rhubarb within days….. It’s frustrating right?  It takes time to look good not to mention sometimes big buckaroos to get the perfect pigment.  Is there a way to forego the fading and run through the streets with locks of luminosity?

    With a mission to create superb hair care for color-treated hair, Pureology hair care originated in California in 2001.  Pioneering the “no nasties” movement with their ZeroSulfate® shampoos and 100% vegan formulas, Pureology, landed on the hair color scene forging the non-fading, healthy hair movement.

    IMG_0867Color Challenges

    Are you battling the 3-big D’s from coloring your hair?  Dull, damage, and dryness?  Pureology Hydrate, a best seller, is a concentrated moisture shampoo which gently cleanses but provides essential hydration with its Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology which deeply hydrates to revitalize dry hair. This vegan formula cleanses and hydrates but does not strip color so dealing with dullness/fading is no longer a dilemma.   It’s partner conditioner, Hydrate Condition, also has Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology which deeply hydrates to revitalize dry hair and enhance color radiance, making color last.  What’s more, both of these products are super concentrated, a little goes a long way – providing the best bang for your buck, all the while maintaining incredible color.

    Looking for the multi tasker of hair color products?  Pureology, offers Colour Fanatic Multi-Benefit Leave-In Treatment which has 21 benefits.  Just to name a few…. it primes with protecting against color fade so your color is maintained, it instantly detangles, prevents split ends, adds shine, lessens drying time, controls frizz and reduces static…. It does a lot more but I would suggest purchasing this best buy in a bottle to see for yoursel


  • Top Five Shampoos Our Customers Love!

    It always amazes me what shampoos people rave about.  There are sooooo many shampoos in the professional shampoo market, however, there are some that outshine the competition in popularity.  If you’re curious what’s been flying off the shelves, strap yourself in for some standouts.

    hydrasourceBiolage Ultra Hydrasource Shampoo – Fighting split ends and lack of luster?  If you are in desperate need for some serious rejuvenation but fear losing volume?  This intense moisturizing shampoo gently cleanses hair leaving it hydrated, soft, and with shine but not without volume.  Infused with the aloe, cupuacu butter, and apricot kernel oil this trio aids moisture but not does not overtake to squash volume.

    MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo- For those of us who have the big “D” for damaged hair, the Moroccan Moisture Repair Shampoo is ideal for hair debilitated by color, chemical processing, or heat styling.  Have color in your hair? This formula is sulfate, paraben, and phosphate free, which means it’s going to be gentle, moisturize, and repair but retain color.  The formula contains argan oil, keratin, fatty acids and proteins which infuse moisture back into the hair shaft.  If price is not a concern, this formula is for you! [Moroccan Oil is available in store only]

    DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight- If you have wavy or some say a “slight curl” in your hair and want to enhance it?  This shampoo helps intensify waves/curls that need weightless moisture, this is a must-have for body and frizz control. This brand actually refers to this shampoo more as a ‘mild lather cleanser’ as it works to remove impurities but keep the moisture. Its unique formula contains rice protein for body and fullness, lotus flower for bounce and a chia-flaxseed extract blend for long lasting waves.  If you’re looking to boost your natural wave, this shampoo is for you.

    Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo –  A personal favorite, I can attest this shampoo is amazing for providing the “pop” to blonde, white, or gray hair.  A purple, protein- paul mitchellenriched color enhancing shampoo brightens blonde, whitens white, and revitalizes gray hair by eliminating any yellow ting.  It’s not necessary to use this shampoo every day, but 1 to 2x a week will keep yellow at bay.

    Tea Tree Special Shampoo by Paul Mitchell-  Need a hair and scalp boost? Great for all hair types, this invigorating cleanser leaves strands refreshingly clean and full of shine.  Natural tea tree oil, peppermint, and lavender soothe the scalp, while gently removing impurities.  If you’re looking for a “switch-up” shampoo to jumpstart your shampoo routine this is definitely one to consider.

    These shampoos maybe standouts but they may not necessarily be the best for you.  When considering shampoo, it’s important to first evaluate what you desire.  It’s possible you might be looking for a shampoo to resolve more than one hair “issue” but keep in mind, that generally speaking all professional salon products have superior ingredients due to extensive research and development.  With that being said, no matter what you choose it’s hard to lose; you’re in good hands with top notch products.

  • 7 Shampoo Staples for Back-To-School

    Where did the summer go?  It’s that time again!   Start the school year off with some shampoo staples every dorm room demands.  Here are some tried and true beauty basics for back-to-school. Whether it’s greasy hair, dry shampoo, or brightening the blonde, read on for some “must have” products that can take your hair from eh to ahhhhhhh.

    IMG_0879Dashing Out the Door - Every girl and guy can freshen their hair in seconds!  Gym, jog, or just being lazy… without a good wash your hair can look a bit crazy.  Waste no time, get rid of the grime with a couple of cans of either Batiste (best for those on a budget) or Paul Mitchell’s Express Dry Dry Wash.

    Hair Feels Like Shredded Wheat – If your hair feels like frayed rope?   Hydrate the hell out of it with L’anza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo and L’anza Healing Moisture Kukui Nut Conditioner.  Both are formulated with ingredients which will seal in moisture and protect the hair but won’t weigh the hair down.  Blonde and bone dry? Forever Blonde Shampoo by Paul Mitchell is formulated with KerActive protein which guards against breakage and also safflower oleosomes which restore moisture and elasticity. Say goodbye to dry!

    Too Oily- You wash your hair frequently but can’t escape IMG_0874the greasiness, consider MilkShake Normalizing Blend Shampoo, for normal or greasy scalp.  This delicate formula has active plant-base ingredients, essential oils and a balanced blend of non-aggressive surfactants that cleanse sebum and greasy residues deeply and gently.  Bye bye to build-up from sebum, this will have you feeling normal in no time.

    Keeping it Curly- Right now curls are back, and it’s always serious business keeping the frizz at bay.  DevaCurl Low Poo Delight and One Condition Delight are perfect for wavy to curly hair types.  This mild lather cleanser and weightless conditioner can keep your curls coiled and free of frizz.

    Blonde Bombshell- Beware of the brass that creeps onto hair, a customer favorite for its ability to blast the brass is Shimmer Lights Shampoo Blonde & Silver.  This protein-enriched conditioning formula renews and refreshes faded highlights and ash-toned hair.  It also IMG_0887removes dull yellow undertones in gray/white hair as it puts the bling back into blonde, the great back into gray, and the sexy back into the silver.

    Preserving Pop Colors- Fading too fast?  Your midnight blue is looking like muddy waters?  Consider Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo, a sulfate-free shampoo which is formulated with Redken’s exclusive RCT Protein Complex to treat hair from the root, to the core, to the tip.  Redken’s Color Extend  Magnetics care system delivers amino-ions that attract the hair fiber to form a barrier to protect the hair from losing color; it’s lightweight and non-stripping you love your continued vibrant color.  No worries, the purple will stay perfect.

    Volume to the Rescue- Fighting flat hair?  Don’t freak out, consider Bed Head’s most advanced volumizing shampoo ever, Fully Loaded!  Give your limp locks volume that you can see and feel the difference.  Formulated with Uploader technology this shampoo puts the “big” hair back into action.

    In the end, whether it’s flat, frizz, or fading colored hair, start the school year off with taking charge of your No. 1 accessory, your HAIR!

  • Hair Masks to the Rescue

    Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 11.51.25 AMSometimes shampoo and regular conditioning in our shower regime is just not enough. Our hair may need a boost and it’s easy to do with applying a hair mask.

    How do you know which one to get? When you choose a hair mask, first determine what you want the hair mask to achieve. Generally speaking if you’re in the market for a hair mask, it’s to give your hair some much needed repair, however, hair masks can also remove product build up, intensely hydrate, add shine, add manageability, or regenerate color.  Read on for some considerations to correct or create hair heaven.

    Best for Color

    Keeping hair color looking gorgeous can be challenging- fading especially in the summer but it doesn’t have to be. Consider Roux Color Refresh Mask (available in different colors), a simple one-time application that can revive flat color to fabulous.  Is it sulfate-free you seek?  Moroccan Intense Hydrating Mask (for thick to coarse hair) or the Weightless Moroccan Hydrating Mask (for fine hair) - this 5-minute mask formulated with antioxidant rich argan oil deeply infuses the hair shaft to improve the hair’s texture, shine, elasticity, and manageability. [MoroccanOil is available in store only]

    Best for Dry and Damaged

    Does your hair feel like hay? Perhaps it craves some serious deep conditioning. Consider L'anza Healing Moisture Moi Moi Masque with Blue Moisture Pearls which instantly release concentrated hydrators to moisturize dry strands. Hair super damaged? Consider L'oreal Absolut Repair Masque infused with lipids, ceramides, phyto-keratin, and lactic acid.  Hair instantly feels restored and smooth.  This mask can be used in place of your daily conditioner or 2-3x a week.

    Best for Curly

    DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture is a great mask for all curl types from wavy to kinky and even for curls with color. A unique formula made with matcha green tea butter to hydrate, sweet almond oil, and protective beet root extract, this mask leaves curls moisturized, soft, and with beautiful shine. Use this mask 1x a week for a boost or for more intense hydration, leave on hair for 15 minutes.

    If you’re not a fan of DevaCurl products, consider Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask. It is infused with an exclusive CR-4 Repair Complex that restores the protective layer and essentially protects hair against future damage. This formula contains Mafura Butter and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, which help rebuild and nourish hair from the inside out.

    Whether it’s repair or restore, finding a mask is easy, keep your hair challenges in check and find a treatment to give you the boost your hair needs.

  • 5 Frizzy Hair Offenders- What You’re Doing Wrong

    Are you fighting frizzy hair?  Have you tried switching up your shampoos, conditioners, and styling products but are still battling poofy hair?  You’re probably wondering what’s causing the frizz?  It’s probably one of the most common challenges in hair but there are some highly underrated factors which frizz stems from.   Read on to figure out what’s firing up the frizz….

    Inadequate Shampoo and Conditioner - Think of your hair as a fabric with special washing instructions.  Would you wash a cashmere sweater in dish soap?  The same care applies to different hair types- a professional opinion along with salon quality shampoos and conditioners are essential for keeping your hair looking healthy, shiny, and frizz free.  It’s normal for curly hair types to need moisture, whether wavy, curly, or kinky- Ouidad and DevaCurl are professional lines specifically designed for all curl types focusing on adding moisture which is imperative for smooth curls and less frizz.  Using a shampoo and conditioner with harsh detergents can dry out curls and make them unruly, dry, and separated.  Curly hair types need no or low suds producing shampoos like DevaCurl No Poo or DevaCurl Low Poo – these shampoos are gentle and infuse curls with nourishment.  In addition, using a wide tooth comb to saturate curly hair with an intense conditioner like Climate Control by Ouidad can coat the hair shaft and act as a barrier against humidity ultimately eliminating frizz.  Blonde?  Highlighted?  Hair that has high lift, generally is prone to frizz.  Consider Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights is a creamy shampoo and conditioner which encapsulates the hair shaft to smooth the cuticle.  Colored hair?  Consider Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo it cleanses and helps tame frizz-prone color treated hair.

    Brushing Wet Hair - Hair when wet is super fragile, handle with care, especially chemically treated hair and curly hair, gentle brushing required.  Brushing the hair opens up the cuticle and makes FRIZZ, best bet is to just comb through gently.  If you prefer to brush wet hair, consider the Wet Brush Pro, it gently brushes out tangles with no pulling, tugging or pain, the result is healthier hair with no tangles, no split ends, and less breakage.  Rough brushing will definitely increase frizz when wet, even more frizz when brushed when dry.

    Towel Drying Hair – Rubbing the water out of your hair with a towel is only going to magnify the frizz, it’s best to pat your whole head gently and squeeze excess moisture out of your hair, remember, wet and or damp hair is fragile and needs proper care. The DevaCurl Devatowel anti-frizz microfiber towel absorbs the water and is gentle on the curls and prevents frizz.  Even if using a regular towel, think about patting versus rubbing.

    Over Processing Hair with Bleach or Color- Love the color of your hair but now you have a wicked case of the frizzies?  Too much stress to the hair shaft and it will look and feel like a piece of frayed rope.  Spend time, 3-5 minutes after shampooing, doing a repair mask like L’Oreal Professionnel Pro-Keratin Refill or Moi Moi Healing Moisture Masque by L’Anza; either can help revitalize the hair shaft and take the rough to ravishing.

    Blow Drying the Wrong Way- Which way do you point the nozzle of your hair dryer?  The nozzle if pointed the wrong way, can do the opposite of smoothing the hair shaft.  The nozzle and air flow should be pointing in the direction you want the hair to go.  If you want the hair blown under, the nozzle should be pointing in the downward position while blowing to avoid frizz.  Using a good quality dryer like the Hot Tools Turbo Ceramic Ionic Dryer with Ion Technology, produces negative ions to help dry hair up to 50% faster.  What’s more, this dryer helps condition and soften hair while reducing frizz and increasing shine.  Have curly hair?  Consider a Hot Sock Diffuser for the nozzle, this clever diffuser sock fits most hair dryers and enables the curls to remain coiled, diffusers of any type keep curls intact, otherwise, blowing the hair around will produce frizz.

    In the end, generally when frizz is an ongoing obstacle, it’s more than likely you’re trying to go against what your hair naturally wants to do.  Letting it “go” sometimes is the best action -if it’s curly go curly, if it’s straight stay straight, wavy then wear waves… applying this philosophy along with seeking the best salon products, gentle maintenance, and perhaps some blow-drying basics,  should be enough to forego the frizz.

  • Tired of Your Hair? 10 Ways to Switch it Up!

    Recently I’ve had several women, in a variety of ages admit they’re really bored of their hairstyle, and I’ve heard everything from “I want to dye my blonde hair black” or “Do they still make the sponge rollers?” Yes, they still make sponge rollers and they are still pink, but why hasn’t your stylist recommended a change?   I think all of us at one time or another get stuck in a mode where we want to change our hair and do something but WHAT?  Read on for a list of ideas which can take your hair from tiresome to terrific!

    1. Highlights - Adding highlights is such a great way to change things up, especially “face framing of highlights”. It enhances with brightness around the face only. Going with a subtle, simple change like “face framing” highlights is easy to do with Splat Lightening Bleach Kit. For those who just want a temporary fix, try IGK Amaro Ombre Highlight Spray, a temporary hair color spray that will give you the perfect sun kissed highlights. Whatever you choose permanent or temporary, highlights are a wonderful way to illuminate your face.


    1. Low Lights - Too one-toned? Adding low lights, can enhance your hair with more depth and dimension, perhaps bringing out some color in your face or eyes.   For blondes, depositing some caramel and honey low lights can change a bolder blonde to a softer more relaxed style. For red, maybe infusing some copper or rosy gold tones will change an ordinary red to a color which has a little more personality.  With any one-dimensional color, it’s best to stay in the same “family” of colors to give a more authentic look.


    1. Permanent Color - Up for a major change? Brown to Blonde?  Red to Brown? Gray?  Sometimes a complete color change is the only thing that can break us out of a rut.  Wella Color Charm Permanent Color has an array of hair shades in neutral, ash, gold, warm and red; their formula contains Liquifuse Technology for long-lasting color which is fade resistant as it ensures deep penetration, consistent and predictable colors, and excellent gray coverage.


    1. Temporary Color - Thinking about going red but afraid to take the plunge? Manic Panic Semi Permanent Infra Red color is such a great way to experiment without the commitment.  A beautiful and glorious mahogany color, this hue can be used to add gorgeous highlights to darker shades of hair or can be used for all over color. More than just red, Manic Panic has a rainbow of colors to choose from. This semi-permanent hair color is vegan and cruelty free and has no PPD, ammonia, peroxide and or parabens.  So, go ahead and go for red!


    1. Spray on Fantasy Colors - You see everyone walking around with these fun colors in their hair but the thought of walking into work with purple hair is probably not a good idea or maybe it’s your daughter who is begging for her hair to have pink tips and YIKES, too much for a 7-year-old… no worries, Style Edit Color Rush Temporary Color Spray Metallic Pink is the answer….it’s fun and washes out with your next shampoo, voila, color without commitment!


    1. Go Wavy - Have a little wave in your hair? Forget hot rollers it’s too much work!   Redken Fashion Waves O7 Sea Salt Spray is perfect for hair with a slight wave, it’s a light weight spray which enhances your natural wave and creates a tousled, fun, relaxed style.  Spray on to clean, damp, hair, scrunch and go!


    1. Get a Hair Cut - Sometimes all we need is a couple of inches taken off in order to feel updated. A lob (a long bob) is super way to update long hair without a radical change.  What’s more lobs still give you the flexibility to pull it into a pony tail if you need a fast fix for running out the door.


    1. Hair Extensions - What’s better than instantly having long sexy hair, or a pony tail to die for? Hairdo 8pc Straight Extension Kit allows you to have long hair instantly!  This faux hair extension kit is available in a variety of hair tones and can definitely assist with the “in between” growing pains of achieving long hair.  Always wanted to have a thick long pony tail?  Hairdo also has a 23” Long Wave Wrap Around Pony that will give you length and volume you’ll love.


    1. Go Curly - You’ve been straightening your curly hair for years… but did you know curls are back? If you have curly hair and straighten because of the frizz, chances are you’re using the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.  Curly hair needs special attention!  Curly hair requires curly hair products!  Deva Curl Low-Poo Original Mild Lather and Deva Curl One Condition Original cleans your scalp without stripping away natural oils your curls need.  You’ll be amazed the transformation your frizzy curly hair will make.  Forget straight and go curly!


    1. Get Bangs - Wearing your hair all one length can be boring, a side bang, or shag bang might be the anecdote to a long overdue hair update! Too anxious about the cut? Consider Hairdo Modern Fringe, this faux hair insert allows you to experiment! Trimmed to the eyelashes and angled down slightly at the temples, these bangs pack major attitude. It attaches with three pressure-sensitive clips and features a natural part in the crown that sweeps back for invisible blending. Be the bomb with bangs!


    In the end, there are lots of ways to have fun with your hair.  Something as simple as changing your hair part can boost your style. Have a pronounced nose?  Consider a side part, your nose will appear smaller. This may be a subtle change that can absolutely recharge your look, and have you feeling fabulous.

    When thinking about it, remember it’s just HAIR not the end of the world, some get caught up in the “what if’s” but a slight change can be all it takes to go from blah to ahhhhh, switch it up today!

  • Leave-In Conditioners and Why You Need Them

    FullSizeRenderWhy use a leave-in conditioner? You condition after you shampoo so why condition again?  Even though you may use a conditioner along with your shampoo, your hair still may need an extra “something” which could be anything from dryness and shine to split ends and frizz.

    What is a Leave-In Conditioner? A leave-in conditioner is basically an additional layer of moisture added to the hair shaft.  It enables the hair to be more moisturized.  Leave-In’s can be found in a variety of formulas-sprays, creams, and serums.

    How to Use a Leave-In Conditioner - Leave-In conditioners are super easy to use!  Shampoo and condition your hair, towel dry, spray leave-in all over head and comb through.  As I mentioned above, leave-in’s come in different formulas but basically the application is the same, apply on to damp hair.

    Which Leave-In is Best for Me? When choosing a leave-in, consider what your hair challenges are.  Is it split ends?  Dry?  Need Shine? These are things to consider when looking for what product is best for you.   Another important factor to keep in mind is your hair density- if you have fine hair consider a leave-in that is light- a serum or spray, avoid creams they are too heavy and will weigh the hair down.  Medium density?  Consider sprays or serums or light creams.  If you have medium coarse or coarse hair, consider a cream-based leave-in conditioner.  If you’re truly stumped and you just need something that will “work” on all hair types-  It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In aids with detangling, damaged hair, frizz, split ends, shine and more.

    Are you concerned that you have existing color or keratin treatment and which product is best?  There are leave-in conditioners specifically geared towards color treated and or keratin treated hair.  Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-In offers a variety of benefits- moisturizing, smoothing , and shine just to name a few but most importantly, it protects against color fade. Have a Keratin treatment?  Consider Wella Elements Leave-In Conditioner, sulfate free and paraben free, perfect to moisturize but protect your keratin treatment.

    Still have questions about leave-ins?  No worries, take your time and just read the product information on the bottle pay attention to “good for hair types”, or best for “color treated”-these details are very helpful and are often overlooked. If all else fails, please feel free to reach out to our beauty experts, at beautyplussalon.com

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