• Leave-In Conditioners and Why You Need Them

    FullSizeRenderWhy use a leave-in conditioner? You condition after you shampoo so why condition again?  Even though you may use a conditioner along with your shampoo, your hair still may need an extra “something” which could be anything from dryness and shine to split ends and frizz.

    What is a Leave-In Conditioner? A leave-in conditioner is basically an additional layer of moisture added to the hair shaft.  It enables the hair to be more moisturized.  Leave-In’s can be found in a variety of formulas-sprays, creams, and serums.

    How to Use a Leave-In Conditioner - Leave-In conditioners are super easy to use!  Shampoo and condition your hair, towel dry, spray leave-in all over head and comb through.  As I mentioned above, leave-in’s come in different formulas but basically the application is the same, apply on to damp hair.

    Which Leave-In is Best for Me? When choosing a leave-in, consider what your hair challenges are.  Is it split ends?  Dry?  Need Shine? These are things to consider when looking for what product is best for you.   Another important factor to keep in mind is your hair density- if you have fine hair consider a leave-in that is light- a serum or spray, avoid creams they are too heavy and will weigh the hair down.  Medium density?  Consider sprays or serums or light creams.  If you have medium coarse or coarse hair, consider a cream-based leave-in conditioner.  If you’re truly stumped and you just need something that will “work” on all hair types-  It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In aids with detangling, damaged hair, frizz, split ends, shine and more.

    Are you concerned that you have existing color or keratin treatment and which product is best?  There are leave-in conditioners specifically geared towards color treated and or keratin treated hair.  Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-In offers a variety of benefits- moisturizing, smoothing , and shine just to name a few but most importantly, it protects against color fade. Have a Keratin treatment?  Consider Wella Elements Leave-In Conditioner, sulfate free and paraben free, perfect to moisturize but protect your keratin treatment.

    Still have questions about leave-ins?  No worries, take your time and just read the product information on the bottle pay attention to “good for hair types”, or best for “color treated”-these details are very helpful and are often overlooked. If all else fails, please feel free to reach out to our beauty experts, at beautyplussalon.com

  • Hairsprays 101

    Searching for the right hold of hairspray? You wanted a flexible hold but instead you’ve picked a spray which can withstand 100-mile winds. Perhaps you were seeking a firm hold and you’ve acquired a light hold and with half the bottle gone, your hair still looks like a limp noodle. Or maybe it’s volume that seems out of reach in your quest for the best spray? Developing the oomph seems impossible without weighing down the hair? Did you know there are some tips that are completely obvious but actually often overlooked by buyers?

    Hair sprays are often broken down into categories for usage. The scale generally is from 1-5. The lower the number the lighter the hold, the higher the number, the firmer. Keep this in mind! If you require rock solid hair for hours- consider 4-5, or “extra hold” style sprays.

    Lighter sprays aka flexible sprays provide a “brush through” hold, on the bottle it will show hold level 1, which is great if you want barely any hold and you’re not a huge fan of hairspray, Shaper by Sebastian has a wonderful fragrance and bare minimum hold, a crowd favorite, for it delivers the best bang for the buck.

    sebastian blog

    There are some light to medium versions of this popular Shaper so if you like Shaper but require an inch more of grip, the Shaper Plus has more kick but still not too heavy, again the price per ounce makes it a crowd favorite.

    kenra blog

    For medium hold sprays, which generally are categorized by 2-3 strength level; these styling aids encourage more than hold and can be used at the root area for volume. Kenra 25, has done an exceptional job at providing the maximum amount of volume and hold likely without looking stiff. Shiny and natural, your hair will still have lift but also have reinforcement which sometimes is impossible to achieve. Aerosol style sprays are generally more forgiving on holding hair in place than a pump spray but if you like a pump-style, Matrix Biolage Styling Finishing Spritz, will give you a medium hold to lift and lock your style into place. An added bonus with the pump, it makes refilling small containers for travel easy.spritz blog

    Are you still on a mission to find an extra hold spray which looks natural? Consider trying sprays which say 4 or 5 on hold level, like Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine Super Spray, great for shorter styles or Bed Head’s Hard Head, both will give lasting hold – without too much stickiness or “crunch” factor.

    With thousands of brands available, whatever style spray you seek, always take your time and scour the small print, as this will be a helping hand to hairspray heaven!

  • At-Home Waxing

    The feeling of smooth, supple skin is the best when you leave your wax appointment. Wax visits can take a toll on your wallet, especially with the spring and summer season starting. At-home waxing is a great alternative to try out! I started at-home waxing about a year or so ago. It has saved me hundreds of dollars and I get the same results without leaving the comfort of my own home.


    When I know I’ll be waxing, I turn my wax warmer on, sliding the heat preference in between “M” and “H”. The green light turns on when the wax is ready for you to use, usually this takes 10-15 minutes. Prior to waxing, I love using the GiGi Pre Hon. This preps the skin for waxing, removing makeup, oils and helps minimize inflammation.


    I’ve tried a couple different types of wax from GiGi over the year and my absolute favorite is the Azulene Wax. GiGi Azulene Wax is a soft wax, meaning you need the muslin or cloth epilating strips to remove the wax. It contains azulene oil, a soothing ingredient, great from my sensitive skin. Wax heats up evenly and quickly in my GiGi Wax Warmer. There is little to no wax residue left after I pull the wax off of my skin. The finest of hairs to thicker whisker hairs are all removed with one pull, so no need for re-applying (which is not recommended by professionals anyway) or having to go in with tweezers afterwards. It’s refreshing botanical scent is a lot more pleasant as well!


    Since I do use a soft wax, I need the epilating strips to remove the wax, I lean more towards the cloth strips than the muslin. I feel that the cloth holds onto the wax a lot better for me and leaves less residue behind.


    Depending on what area I’m waxing, I use different applications. Eyebrows, I use the Petite Applicators. They allow me to get a sharper arch than the standard applications. Lip and chin, I use GiGi Small Accu Edge Applicators. They are the perfect size for that area in my opinion. Larger Areas, like arms or underarm, I use GiGi Large Applicators, you can get a decent amount of wax with the bigger applicator and you’ll be done a lot faster too!


    To finish everything off I take a decent amount of GiGi Slow Grow on a cotton pad and apply to waxed area. Slow Grow helps slow down the formation of new hair. Slowing down the growth of hair also makes hair a lot finer, making it easier to wax in the future. I currently have the old Slow Grow, the new one has argan oil in it to help keep skin moisturized.


    I hope that this helps you so you can start saving some money your wax appointments! Make sure you check out the other products from GiGi on our page! There’s a bunch of different waxes and kits to help you venture into at-home waxing!

  • Dry Hair Shampoo

    This year’s never-ending winter on the East Coast takes a toll on hair, making it dry and lackluster. Breakage, flakes, split ends and roughness of the hair are major indications that your hair is in need of hydration TLC. Picking the right shampoo for the season can help reverse the symptoms of dry hair. Today we’ll dive into my favorite shampoo that can remedy those dehydrated locks!


    Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo


    This shampoo is one of the best-selling shampoos from the Biolage line. Why? It’s packed with Aloe, a known moisturizer, and it balances moisture in the hair to maximize its softness. Hydrasouce is a paraben-free product as well, so it’s safe for anyone who colors their hair. If your hair is on the thicker side check out Ultra Hydrasource Shampoo, that one is geared for coarse hair which tends to need a little more hydration.


    Redken All Soft


    Formulated with Redken’s RCT protein complex, All Soft nourishes the hair inside and out, targeting where hair needs help the most. Omega-6 and Argan oil provide silky softness, giving you increased manageability, softness and shine. Fine-haired friends, use this sparingly, the argan oil in this could make you look like a greaseball is you use too much in a single use. Think of two grains of rice, that’s enough for one use. If your hair is thicker, a quarter size is what you should be shooting for.


    It’s a 10 Miracle Moisture Shampoo


    Loaded with a bunch of moisturizing ingredients from Aloe to Tahitian Noni Oil, It’s a 10 is a no-brainer to pick up. In just one wash you’ll be able to notice a difference with it’s sulfate-free formula. It’s super lightweight, so any hair type can use it and has Sunflower Seed Oil, a natural sun protectant that helps preserves hair color.


    AG Fast Food


    Lightweight enough from any hair type to use, rich enough to give intense moisture to combat dryness. Silk Amino-Acids hydrate and smooth and Keratin proteins strengthen hair making it easier to manage. Fast Food is a good one to keep in the shower year round because it has natural humectants that help fight humidity. AG’s entire line is free of salt, parabens, gluten, DEA, and PABA. If you’re sensitive this is definitely a shampoo to try!


    Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo


    Looking to splurge? Caviar is a decadent shampoo made with caviar extract(hence the name!). The known anti-aging ingredient makes this a great choice for over processed hair to help regain nutrients. Seasilk softens hair while UVA/UVB filters protect color from fading. The consistency of this shampoo is thick, the sulfate-free formula and how concentrated the product is causes this. Use anywhere to 2 rice grains to a quarter sized amount, once it’s added to water you’ll see it’s enough!


    No moisturizing shampoo is complete without a conditioner! Grab the matching condition to the shampoo for the best results. Want even better results, use the mask that goes with the shampoo at least once a week!

  • Everything to know about Glam Roll-Ups

    What are Glam Roll-Ups? Glam Roll-Ups are industrial grade clear, vinyl, segmented cosmetic bags designed by a makeup junkie for makeup junkies.

    Inspiration behind Glam Roll-Ups? A self-professed glam girl, I have lots of lipsticks and nail polishes and all my stuff was in jars and bags. I thought to myself there had to be a better way. I wanmed_rested to see all my bottles of nail polish instantly. The idea of getting one of those big acrylic displays was not an option, I have a small apartment and even trying to accommodate some kind of wall display wasn’t going to work either. But I was tired of digging through a bag to find that I had purchased basically the same color about 3 times. The vision to see all my nail polishes was born. A long clear bag which could store each polish separately but could be rolled out and rolled up for easy storage. Voila! My first roll-up was born, the Smoochi, and I am delighted to say that it holds 40 regular sized nail polishes, 60 regular size lipsticks, and or up to 100 lip liners.

    After the Smoochi was designed, it wasn’t long before I wanted to organize my makeup bag, in which I created the Diva. I really loved seeing all my ‘faves’ instantly; the Diva has large, medium, small, and extra small compartments which is what makes these bags special, it keeps everything separated for easy viewing. What I love most about the Diva are the tiny compartments which can store extra hard to find items like aspirin, bobby pins, and hair ties which normally would be tossed around and covered with makeup and lint in an ordinary cosmetic case.


    More roll-ups have been developed; the Go Go which is perfect for hair ties, bobby pins, and little clips. The Weekender, a 5 pocket, roll-up was created for the “lipstick queen” lipsticks and lip liners can be grouped together, a great pleasure for those who carry an array of lipstick/lipliner combinations. Lastly, the Mini roll-up perfect for tweezers, nail clippers, small scissors, and any other types of small instruments.



    Why buy a Glam Roll-Up?

    Saves time!  Having your cosmetic collections organized, you can access your favorites instantly, instead of rummaging through a drawer or messy bag, the Diva can roll up and out in seconds - locating the lippies you love has never been more convenient.  The perfect red lipstick you think you didn't have?  You own it.


    1. Saves money!  Do you find yourself buying the same nail polish twice?  Or buying a new nail polish only to find 3 or 4 in your collection which are basically the same color?  The Smoochi holds 40 nail polishes, coordinating your nail polish by color, will assist you to see all the colors at a glance and avoid buying duplicates and or similar shades.


    1. Keeps the cosmetics fresh and updated.  Do you know cosmetics have a shelf life?  Organizing your cosmetics keeps them fresh and updated.  Most cosmetics have a shelf life which is 6 months - 1 year.  Mascara only 3 months, and it needs to be thrown out, the bacteria can build up and cause an infection.  My advice keeps what is being used, everything older than a year, you should probably purge.

    Let’s do this! Eliminate the messy makeup bag, streamline the medicine cabinet madness, and coordinate the cosmetic chaos, shop for your Glam Roll-Up now!

  • Greasy Hair

    Greasy hair is a problem that we are asked about at Beauty Plus Salon on the daily. Most of the time it’s usually over-washing that's the culprit in an oily scalp. Not to worry because there are a few products on the market to help combat greasy scalps. “How can my hair be getting oilier if I’m washing it more?” Well when you are washing daily (sometimes more than once a day) you are stripping your hair of all it’s natural oils, that keep that scalp nice and moisturized. When you shampoo that layer of oil your body goes into overdrive trying to produce extra oil to replace what you already washed away, leaving you with flat, greasy hair.


    The great news is, that you can train your hair to stop overproducing in less than a week. Yes you’re going to go through one or two awkward topknot days (or you could always throw on a hat!). Along with the products I’m going to talk about and some patience you’ll be able to walk away from greasy hair!


    You’re going to start with your “wash day”. Obviously this would be the day that you wash your hair (AND scalp). Almost every product line has a shampoo that will help take care of oiliness, I picked my Top 5 Shampoos that kick grease to the curb!


    #1. Paul Mitchell Shampoo TwoKODAK Digital Still Camera

    Shampoo Two is a deep cleansing shampoo. It has a fresh lemon scent that removes build up and gives you a “fresh start”. Since this is typically used as a clarifying shampoo I’d recommend only using this once a week.


    KODAK Digital Still Camera

    #2. Redken Clean Maniac Micellar Shampoo

    Clean Maniac is a sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo that gently removes build up from the scalp. Whether it’s styling products or just the daily grease, this shampoo will get rid of it all. Plus it has UV-filters in there that help protect hair color from fading!



    #3. Matrix Scalp Sync Cooling Mint ShampooKODAK Digital Still Camera

    Scalp Sync, made is mint leaf, gives a cooling sensation to the scalp that helps you feel nice and refreshed. Along with feeling refreshed, Scalp Sync balances the scalp to “reset” the pH balance, meaning less oil to deal with.

     KODAK Digital Still Camera

    #4. Milkshake Normalizing Blend Shampoo

    This shampoo is made with plant-based ingredients, no sulfates and no parabens. When using Normalizing Blend, it gently but efficiently removes excess sebum(oil) and helps re-balance the scalp.

     KODAK Digital Still Camera

    #5. Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo

    Although Ouidad is generally for curly hair types, anyone with oily hair could benefit from this shampoo. Similar to the Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two, Water Works should only be used once a week. Formulated with lemon, grapefruit and orange extracts help deplete excess oil without stripping hair from the moisture it needs.



    TIP: Avoid putting condition and styling products (except from a root lifter) on your scalp. This will clog your follicles and tell your body to produce more oil.


    After your wash day, avoid running fingers through or touching your hair. This attracts the oil from your hands and face, making hair look greasy. If you still feel like your hair is greasy looking, grab a dry shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo is a great one to start with, and spritz some in the root area. The powder in the dry shampoo will absorb the excess oil giving you a fresh look.


    Day 3 and 4 after washing are usually the worst, but if you can get through the first week, you’ll be able to stop shampooing daily. These days I recommend cute space buns or a topknot, no one will notice that your hair is a grease ball!


    Following this “de-grease week” regularly will help you slow your oil production and give you nice lush locks in the process!

  • Makeup Brushes 101

    Diving into your makeup bag is usually always chaos with every product and all those brushes. Today we’re going to decode what each one is used for! You might find that other way to use each and every brush, which is great! There is no solid “you need to use this for that” rules, and that’s what makes the art of makeup beautiful! This is simply a guide to help you decipher how to utilize every brush you own.


    Let’s start off with Face Brushes. Depending on what type of foundation you use (powder or cream/liquid) would factor on what brush to use. If you’re using a mineral foundation, you’re best bet is to grab a Kabuki Brush. Kabuki brushes are densely packed bristles, usually rounded, that give you precise application of your powder. You can also use kabuki brushes for bronzer and highlight. Real Techniques has a retractable kabuki that’s perfect for home and on the run.

    RT Kabuki


    For liquids and creams you have a couple options. Foundation brushes, typically are flat and come to a point on the end to get into every nook of your face (check out the Royal & Langnickel MODA Pointed Foundation Brush). Stippling Brushes, usually come with varying length bristles that help “buff” foundation into skin. Using a BB cream or tinted moisturizer works best with stippling brushes because they tend to give you very sheer coverage. That means when you use a full coverage foundation with this type of brush you tend to get a “streaky” finished look. Real Techniques Stippling Brush is a great one to try out, and they even stand on their own due the the base of the brush.

    MODA Foundation Brush     RT Stippling


    Next up is almost always concealer. Concealer brushes are like smaller versions of flat foundation brushes. With their scaled down size it helps to really get into the under eye area without applying too much cover up. Try out the Real Techniques Detailer Brush from the Flawless Base Set if you haven’t already!

    RT Core Essentialse


    Blending every liquid/cream is key to a flawless application. Blending Sponges (self-explanatory, right?) blend out any lines and demarcations caused from the foundation that’s been applied. You can even just use this sponge to apply your foundation and skip the brush altogether. You get a nice, airbrushed look after using a blending sponge. I am OBSESSED with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. There’s a flat side, good for cream contouring and a rounded that ends in a point to get up close under your eye.

    RT Miracle Sponge


    If you’re a liquid/cream foundation girl, you usually go in with a setting powder to lock in the base of your face. Powder brushes work great for this. The rounded top lightly dusts powder onto skin, giving you a perfect finish. Since powder brushes are rounded they also work great to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks without going overboard with the product. The Crown Pro Series Lush Powder Brush is super ideal for these applications.

    Lush Powder Brush


    Nothing says “Full Beat” (complete makeover if you didn’t know) than chiseled contour and glistening cheekbones. Contouring is so mainstream now that there’s brushes made just for it now. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is a great example, angled bristles help you apply just the right amount of Matte (alllllways matte) bronzer under your cheekbones to give you that sculpted look. To get that dewy highlight that we are seeing EVERYWHERE, fan brushes are a go-to, they vary in density so depending on how much glow you want is how dense of a brush you would get. For a light glow check out the Royal & Langnickel Prismatic Radiance Kit. The kit comes with a powder brush (one less brush to buy!) and two fan brushes. The bigger fan brush is great for cheekbones where the smaller one is excellent from smaller areas, like tip of the nose and cupid’s bow.

    RT Sculpting Brush     MODA Radiant Set


    Eyebrows are the frame of the face. Without eyebrows looks can appear “off” and if you have little to no hair, you can be expressionless. Royal & Langnickel EZ-Glam Beautiful Brows set has literally the most perfect brush for brows. The bristles on this brush are sturdy enough so when you’re applying your brow product it won’t bend and make your brows look sloppy. Bonus, the brow brush comes with a spooly end so if you do have nice brow you can easily tame them into shape with this brush.

    MODA Brows


    Eyes are the best part of makeup in my opinion, there’s endless ways for self-expression with shade range and different finishes you can always project what you want. Applying shadows with your fingers, while this it totally ok, isn’t always as precise as the brushes. Let’s start with the OG eye brush, the dome brush. Dome brushes are great for a wash of all over color, or packing on some glitter. Real Techniques Bold Metals #200 is an awesome dome brush that you should always have on hand.

    RT Bold 200


    Want some drama and definition? Grab a crease brush! Crease brushes taper to a point to help define the crease in your eye, creating a cat eye effect. TIP: less is more! Eyeshadows are buildable so you can always add more pigment. If you go in with a ton of color you get racoon eyes! Crown Pro Series Sculpting Crease Brush is another go-to for me when I’m looking for some drama.

    Crown Eye Brush


    Finish off that dramatic eye with some wing liner! Liner is the icing on the cake for most makeup looks. An angle liner brush is ideal for wings. Real Techniques' Bold Metals Angled Liner  brush is great because the brush itself is thin so you won’t need to worry about making the wings too thick, unless thick is what you’re looking for that is totally doable with this brush too. TIP: use tape to create a sharp wing if you’re not good at freehanding the tails! I *still* use tape to this day so I don’t need to worry about making them perfect.

    RT Bold Liner


    Top it all off with Lip Color! Whether it’s lipstick or a gloss I love using a lip BRUSH! Lip Brushes give you a better application and last longer than just applying straight from the tube. Royal & Langnickel Lip Brush is my fave!

    MODA Lip Brush


    Just like i said last week, same rings true for makeup brushes! They are an investment so treat them with care! You should be cleaning your brushes WEEKLY! Yes i said weekly. If you avoid cleaning your brushes it’s a breeding area for bacteria and that causes skin problems! Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is literally THE best cleaner out there! Grab some with your next order! Your brushes and skin will thank you!

  • Strap Yourself In! Curls are Back! Yes, Perms Too!

    Hey ladies and gents, news flash, curls are back in style! Yes, a bit shocked off my rocker to read in Cosmo or one of those trendy mags that people are requesting perms! This is great news if you have curls, want curls, or have even the slightest bend in your hair. If you’re currently fighting your curls, trust me, there IS a product that can enhance your locks into luxurious love on your head. Actually, there are many products available for curly girls and guys, in fact, there are whole product lines just to devoted to curly hair. (Keep you informed on those brands with more blogs to come!).

    A self-professed product junky, I have invested hundreds of dollars trying to find just the “right” devacurl low poocurly hair shampoo and conditioner. What I have determined is the density (thickness) of your hair has everything to do with what products work best! As for my hair, a medium density (thickness) and waves like Sarah Jessica Parker (when she starred in Sex In the City,) my latest shampoo, Deva Low Poo Delight and Deva One Condition Delight are worthy of writing about. You’re probably wondering, what is Low Poo? Basically, it means less lather, and No Poo means no lather, aka hair cleansers. (If you’re looking for lots of lather, hair cleansers are not for you) I’m no scientist but the lack of suds definitely results in better looking curls; less frizz, and improved curl memory.

    Back to my experience, from my first usage with Deva Low Poo Delight, the smell was decent, sort of citrus-like; consistency wasn’t super thick but after shampooing twice, it left my hair feeling different, not like a rope, actually much smoother than I have ever felt. The less lather takes a little getting used to but it was a nice trade off especially if the hair feels not as dry after rinsing. My thought was, wow, it’s going to be even better with the conditioner, and of course it was. The conditioner, nothing out of the ordinary in texture, was easy to comb through, and left my hair silky but not greasy feeling. Here’s the bottom line, when the hair cuticle is smooth not rough, it makes for better curls, and the result is beautiful waves, and less frizz.

    Hey I’m loving this low maintenance style and finally embracing my wave! My challenge? I still beach envyneeded more volume in my crown area, I’ve been using Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid, at first, it makes the hair a tiny bit stiff, but it does bring out more wave than usual. For best results with this product, let your hair dry completely and then flip your head over to fluff it out. This is a great second-day-hair product; super cute after a good night of sleep, and for those of us who like the I just had a good-romp-in-the-hay kind of style it’s a “must have”.

    Sooooooo it’s time ladies and lads, forfeit the fight, embrace the wave, correct the kink, and learn to love your locks…. In the end, you’ll love the way you look!

  • The Ultimate Brush Guide

    No matter what Beauty Plus Salon you shop at there's always dozens of brushes and you're left with the debate on what brush is the best for you. We created this handy guide to help you through the process! Check out our Brush Bible below!


    Detangling brushes are our most-sought after type of brush. Everyone is looking for a brush that will say so long to troublesome knots without beating up our scalps. What a lot of folks aren't aware of is the way you detangle your hair. When you're brushing your hair you usually start at the top of your head and brush down to your ends, right?? Well this causes tons of pain and decent amount of damage to your locks. Try starting from the ends of your hair and work your way up to the top, this ensures you'll have removed the knot without anywetbrush pic stress put on the hair.  Wet Brush is one of our number one brushes for that. The bristles on this brush are created with "IntelliFlex" technology, which means the bristles will bend to avoid snagging on knots. Wet Brushes are great to use on wet hair (hence their name!) and excellent on dry hair. They also come in purse size as well- great for on the go!

     "Oh, I've tried71nBc6BSJ9L._SL1500_ the Wet Brush and it doesn't get through my hair." - almost every curl client I've met. Don't worry, the Wet Brush isn't the only detangling brush out there. For all our naturalistas, we 100% recommend you trying out Denman Brushes. They look like a classic 5- or 7-row brush but again the bristles have a little give to them to prevent snagging on those perfect spirals of yours. Another great thing about Denman Brushes is that space in-between each bristle is wide enough to create a perfect wave pattern, ending in a cohesive curly style. Remember to always, always, ALWAYS start at the ends of your hair!

     Now that we've got nice detangled hair, obviously this is the point where you'd grab your round brush and start styling, correct? No! To make your life waaaay easier grab a Paddle Brush, they come vented and not vented. I'd say grab a vented one because what we're doing is getting 70-80% of the moisture(water) out of the hair. Don't get me wrong you can use a non-vented one if you're like it'll just take a tad bit longer for the hair to dry than using a vented one. This is 17064-1every hair stylists secret, Rough Drying! Rough drying is getting that unnecessaryy moisture out of the hair before they go in at smooth the hair out. All you need to do is put your products (blow dry spray, volumizer, oils) in your hair then take the paddle brush along with your blow dryer and start brushing out the hair for the heat to starting drying it. Your mid-shafts are usually take the longest to dry so focus on the middle more so than the roots or ends. Olivia Garden has a great selection of paddle brushes to choose from. Once that's finished you'll take your Round Brush and make the style neat.

    Round Brushes tend to have a ceramic coating and the most common to find. These are great for quick styling as the ceramic acts as an iron, giving you smooth sleek results. Depending on the size barrel you get, you can curl in your ends, giving your hair bombshell style. You can also get insane volumsmooth operatore with ceramic round brushes too, grab a 1 ½"- 1 ¼" barrel size and over direct (pull hair forward and roll brush back) and let sit for a couple seconds. It almost acts like a hot roller but you won't have to deal with the pins or wait for the rollers to heat up. Spornette has a great variety of Round Brushes to choose from, personally I love the Smoother Operator Collection. The have twisted bristles that help the hair from getting tangled or caught.

     Natural Bristle Brushes, commonly referred as Boar Brushes, come in both Round and Paddle forms. Boar Round Brushes are good for a body in that hair, and excellent from smoothing. For IMG_4519very sleek styles this type of brush is a go-to. Paddle versions are also amazing for detangling, adding shine and smoothing for up-dos. I use boar brushes when I style my hair like Kim K's bob, with some pomade (a little goes a long way!) and brush product into hair for that pin straight, not going to most bob. Deville by Spornette are a great choice for paddle brushes.

     For the "thiss-l300 is too complicated" there's always the handy Straightening Brush. Pretty self-explanatory, these brushes tend to be made with boar, since you are trying to smooth and straighten the hair. Be careful with your sectioning while using this brush, if you put too much hair in the brush you'll end up with a frizzy finished look. Try keeping sections about an inch and a half big.

    Since we are toward the end of our styling with either the Ceramic Round brush or Boar Brush, the little wonderyou might still want some height around the top. Grab a teasing brush, typically they are no more than 4 rows of bristles that usually vary in length to help give volume. Instead of taking the brush to your ends, you'll brush toward your scalp and create a cushion for your hair to sit on- thus more volume! The Little Wonder is in pretty much every stylist's station, which mean you should keep one in your vanity at home!

    7B589451-C134-4CC4-973D-88D56306C260-370-0000002798823A30On top of all these brushes, we still have the Extension Brush. Extension Brushes, sometimes called "Loop" Brushes, have bristles that resemble loops. This avoids pulling on (or out) your extensions. You can use this brush with clip-ins, sew-in's and bonded extensions. You made the investment on the hair already, grab the brush while you're at it to extend in the life of that purchase.

    With all this new knowledge on brush types, I hope it helps you grab the best brush (or brushes) for you! Don't forget to clean your brushes regularly! Once a month or so give them a bath in a bowl of water and shampoo, removing hair from first then let sit in the bowl for about a half hour. Rinse brushes with water and let dry!


    Have questions about which brush is for you? Drop a comment below!

  • Your BFF Valentines Gift Guide

    Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away and it's an ideal time to remember our best friends and what they mean to us.  I know my bff has been an amazing person in my life and it's nice to say "hey here's a little something I think you'll love and you won't buy for yourself" kinda gift..... after all, there's nothing like coming home to a card or special something which is completely unexpected from your best friend.  Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be extravagant- remember it's the thought that counts.

    Here's a few ideas which won't break the bank and will give your bestie the love she deserves.

    For the bff who constantly talks about the "little hairs" on her chin, or weekly maintenance on tweezermanher brows, the Tweezerman Professional Slant Tweezer, voted a Best of Beauty Award by Allure, is perfect!   You can never have too many tweezers and these tweezers sincerely are amazing- one swipe and hair be gone!

    If she's a bestie who loves her nail polish, maybe she'd appreciate a new Spring color like Zoya's Morgan.  What's nice about Zoya?  This nail polish is free of chemicals and lasts just like any other polish, however, minus the formaldehyde and other "goodies" makes it a win win for those who are health conscious.

    For the lady who is constantly traveling and has "hair" issues, a good standby for all hair types, It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product.  For real,  she just needs to bring this little bottle of magic wherever she goes as it is perfect for straightening, detangling, air drying, beach combing, in general styling....it really IS a 10.med_res

    And of course the ultimate gift for the bestie who is a lipstick queen, (I think we all have one friend like this), she shops for lipsticks and lip liners as if it was part time job... she deserves the Mini Glam Roll-Up or the Weekender Glam Roll-Up, here's an accessory bag JUST for her lipsticks, lip liners, and glosses.  A dream come true to see all her faves instantly, she will never have to dig for matching liners again, bestie will be bounding with big hugs for you....

    There is nothing like being loved, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express our gratitude to our BFF's, treat her today!

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