Root Touch Up At Home!

Root Touch Up At Home

I think it’s safe to say we’re all in need of some hair love lately. Roots are showing, grays are starting to sparkle, we realize how much we miss our hair stylists! But just because you can’t get to a salon doesn’t mean you can’t get a root touch-up! We have just the product for you. Root Concealer!

This miracle product is all you need to hide those stubborn grays or just look salon-fresh! And it’s easy! No need for a color catastrophe in your bathroom. Skip the at-home color kits, save yourself the hassle and mess and get fresh roots in seconds!

Some of our favorites are...

Style Edit

Salon In A Bottle


How to apply this miracle product?

1. Shake it before use.

2. Hold can 2-3 inches from hair root. Apply to dry hair by spraying onto roots until gray is evenly covered.

3. Let dry at least 2-3 minutes

*This product will shampoo out of the hair with the exception of Salon In A Bottle which lasts up to 3 washes*

Watch this video if you need a visual!

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