About Us

Our Philosophy:

Always offer the largest selection of Professional hair and beauty products and latest in Salon Services to our customers.

That's why we carry over 500 shades of nail polish, over 100 styles of hair brushes, and thousands of beauty related products.

Including a huge variety of Professional Hair Products. We carry only the best at a variety of sizes. We always offer the lowest price in town and can be found at the best malls and shopping centers on the East Coast!

Our People:

Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and always happy to help you.

Our corporate culture allows for a local, friendly feeling at all locations.

Our Beauty Plus Salon retail staff Beauty Advisors and stylists are up to date with the latest products, trends and styles to help you with any or all of your beauty needs. 'Like' us on Facebook, or follow our blog and get beauty tips from our staff. Join our free VIP email list and our Rewards program to save even more!

Our Vision:

To be your preferred local business for all your beauty needs by continuing to provide new products, the best brands and salon services at the best prices!

Along with a variety of products we thrive on exceptional customer service.

We offer in-depth product knowledge and an enjoyable, friendly, professional salon experience.

The beauty industry never slows down, neither do we. We plan on continued growth in the best malls and shopping centers!