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Summer is here and it’s time to talk about how to keep your lovely locks in tip top shape. With the warmer weather, often we are fighting humidity and blaring sun which fades hair color. If you’re a beach and pool lover, chlorine might be something you’re concerned about. Here’s a little cheat sheet of products to keep your hair looking great all summer long and beyond.

Protect Hair Against the Elements

If you color your hair, it’s a really good idea to use a shampoo which can extend the vibrancy of your hair color and keep your hair preserved against the sun which cannot only fade the color but cause dryness which leads to split ends. Redken Color Extend Shampoo offers an exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and Fade Resist Complex with a micro-net technology and UV filters which assists in locking in color and keeping the hair moisturized, this is a color lover’s ‘must have’. In addition, Redken Color Extend Shampoo safeguards also poor cuticle condition and color altering minerals which might be found in your water- what this means to you? It keeps your color looking good. Another way to defend your lovely locks is with Milkshake’s Incredible Milk, a pump leave-in mask that is suitable for all hair types. This mask fends off harmful UV rays, will maintain color, repairs all hair types, acts as a heat protector, and is an excellent detangler. Love going for a dip in the pool? Keep chlorine in the water and out of your hair with Malibu Swimmers Wellness Hair Remedy. This 100% vegan treatment, removes chlorine, minerals, and salts, it restores shine and manageability and safe and gentle for all ages.

Essentials for the Pool or Beach Bag

A wide tooth comb, simply a comb I know, but seriously the last thing you want to do is to try to run your fingers through a snarly head of hair, consider a wide tooth comb or brush and a shot of It’s a 10 Leave In Conditioner, this magic in a bottle will help detangle your hair along with host of other benefits (too long to list), yanking and dragging a comb through wet hair will stress the cuticle out and cause split ends.

Air Dry If Possible

Blow drying, flat irons, and curling wands add stress to your hair cuticle, why not consider air drying during the summer months? Not only is it a whole lot easier to deal with but it gives your hair a chance to rebound from possibly a heavy-duty hair regime. Consider adding a volumizing spray like Redken’s Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid to damp hair and then let air dry. This unique styling aid is formulated with a texture-boosting mineral blend which delivers volume and texture. If you care to, diffusing and scrunching will add optimal results.

Make Time to Rehab Hair

Even if you’re a low maintenance kind of gal, it’s always a good idea to spend at least 1 night a week giving your hair a little extra attention! Alterna Bamboo UV & Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Masque intensely nourishes severely damaged hair. This paraben and sodium chloride-free formula prevents color fading and protects hair from color oxidation. Easy to use, remove any excess water and massage masque into hair leave on 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. In short, have fun in the sun but remember to take time to treat your tresses so they look beautiful all year long.

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