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How To: Apply Lashes

Want fuller looking lashes in less than two minutes? Use a strip of false lashes to amplify any eye look instantly! With different types and lengths, you're sure to find a style of lash to go with your look. Don't know how to apply? We got you covered! All you need is a small makeup brush, eyelash adhesive, a pair of tweezers, and a strip of false lashes.
lash items
Start by applying a small dot of eyelash glue (we love Duo eyelash adhesive!) onto the end of the small makeup brush. This will prevent too much glue from getting onto the lash and it will keep the application neat.
step one
Duo makes a variety of eyelash adhesives; our favorite is the clear drying white adhesive, which they also make in a brush form. If you are wearing an eye look with eyeliner, try the dark drying adhesive to blend it in with eyeliner.
Next, place the strip onto a pair of tweezers to attach the strip easier, then roll the thinnest layer of glue onto the lash band.
step two
Let the glue get slightly tacky by waiting about 30 seconds for the glue to dry slightly.
Start by looking down at a mirror and placing the strip on the middle of your lash line as close as possible. Take your tweezers and attach the lash at the outer corner of the lash line, followed by the inner corner of the eye. Finish by pressing onto the lash line to ensure the lash is fully attached.
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