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Why the Wonder Pencil needs to be in your purse, like NOW!

nyx wonder pencil

Do you ever feel like by mid afternoon, your makeup has just melted off your face? Don't worry, you're not alone. Nothing breaks my heart more than when my blemishes, dark spots and circles appear after I spent my morning concealing, highlighting and contouring. I use to carry concealers and powders with me for quick touch ups, but lets be honest, it was bulky and time consuming. I had almost given up, but that's when I decided to try the Wonder Pencil from NYX Cosmetics.

This magical little pencil is a three in one - acting has a concealer, eye brightener (liner), or lip liner! You can use it quickly to cover up spots on the go, when pesky blemishes show up. You can also use it on your waterline to brighten up your eyes, or use it as a reverse lip liner to keep your lippies from bleeding.

It is the same size as a traditional eyeliner or lip liner, so it fits in purses or clutches with ease! It comes in three shades:

Lightnyx wonder pencil light

Get it [here] for $4.50

Mediumnyx wonder pencil medium

Get it [here] for $4.50

Darknyx wonder pencil dark

Get it [here] for $4.50

What are your favourite ways to use the NYX Wonder Pencil? Let us know below!

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