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Product Review: NYX 3-in-1 Brow Pencil

Eyebrows are super trendy right now- which is such a weird thing to say. But, it's true. Having really nicely shaped and defined eyebrows is crucial to any completed makeup look, and even on light makeup days I always make sure my eyebrows are done. For some reason, I feel like it makes me look just a little more put together. Whether you're going out to a formal event or just running some errands, it's important to find a product that you love and can rely on.

One of my favorite brow products is the NYX 3-in-1 Brow Pencil paired with the Eco Tools Brow Shaping Brush Duo. The NYX 3-in-1 Brow Pencil is a multi-functional product that features three different eyebrow must haves- a pencil, a powder and a 'mascara'. Although you technically don't need brushes to accompany this product, I use them and here's why:

To prepare my eyebrows I brush them with a spooly brush (included in the Eco Tools Duo) and get them in the shape that I'd like them to be in. Then, I go in with the angled brush from the Eco Tools Duo and coat about half of it with the eyebrow mascara from the NYX 3-in-1. Although the mascara comes on a typical mascara wand, I feel like it applies WAY too much product to the brows and in result makes them appear too dark and almost muddy. So I played around with it a little and decided to repurpose it. Instead of brushing it through my brows, I go in with the angled brush to create an outline which I later fill in with a mixture of the powder and pencil provided by the NYX 3-in-1. I find that by using the brush in conjunction with the mascara, you will create a cleaner, more defined brow than just by using the pencil alone.

Using this combination of brow products has helped me to create, so far, what I think are my best brows. They look nicely shaped and bold thanks to the preciseness provided by the angled brush, but not too bold that they look like dark stamps above my eyes. Make sure that you get the right color to match your eyebrows, and you'll have beautifully sculpted brows in no time. Finish off with some concealer and brow bone highlight- and you're set!

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