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At-Home Waxing

The feeling of smooth, supple skin is the best when you leave your wax appointment. Wax visits can take a toll on your wallet, especially with the spring and summer season starting. At-home waxing is a great alternative to try out! I started at-home waxing about a year or so ago. It has saved me hundreds of dollars and I get the same results without leaving the comfort of my own home.


When I know I’ll be waxing, I turn my wax warmer on, sliding the heat preference in between “M” and “H”. The green light turns on when the wax is ready for you to use, usually this takes 10-15 minutes. Prior to waxing, I love using the GiGi Pre Hon. This preps the skin for waxing, removing makeup, oils and helps minimize inflammation.


I’ve tried a couple different types of wax from GiGi over the year and my absolute favorite is the Azulene Wax. GiGi Azulene Wax is a soft wax, meaning you need the muslin or cloth epilating strips to remove the wax. It contains azulene oil, a soothing ingredient, great from my sensitive skin. Wax heats up evenly and quickly in my GiGi Wax Warmer. There is little to no wax residue left after I pull the wax off of my skin. The finest of hairs to thicker whisker hairs are all removed with one pull, so no need for re-applying (which is not recommended by professionals anyway) or having to go in with tweezers afterwards. It’s refreshing botanical scent is a lot more pleasant as well!


Since I do use a soft wax, I need the epilating strips to remove the wax, I lean more towards the cloth strips than the muslin. I feel that the cloth holds onto the wax a lot better for me and leaves less residue behind.


Depending on what area I’m waxing, I use different applications. Eyebrows, I use the Petite Applicators. They allow me to get a sharper arch than the standard applications. Lip and chin, I use GiGi Small Accu Edge Applicators. They are the perfect size for that area in my opinion. Larger Areas, like arms or underarm, I use GiGi Large Applicators, you can get a decent amount of wax with the bigger applicator and you’ll be done a lot faster too!


To finish everything off I take a decent amount of GiGi Slow Grow on a cotton pad and apply to waxed area. Slow Grow helps slow down the formation of new hair. Slowing down the growth of hair also makes hair a lot finer, making it easier to wax in the future. I currently have the old Slow Grow, the new one has argan oil in it to help keep skin moisturized.


I hope that this helps you so you can start saving some money your wax appointments! Make sure you check out the other products from GiGi on our page! There’s a bunch of different waxes and kits to help you venture into at-home waxing!

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