Hair Shears

Want to trim and style your own hair at home? Get one or more pairs of hair shears from Beauty Plus Salon to test your stylist skills. These are the same types of shears used by professionals in today's salon. By learning to cut your own hair, you can save money on salon appointments and get creative with your own hair style. Learn more about where to buy hair shears and which types you may need.

Types of Hair Shears

There are many different types of hair cutting scissors available. One of the most common types of beauty shears is a straight shear. This classic pair of scissors has straight blades that are often used for conventional hair trimming. Thinning shears feature one blade with teeth and one without, which can help with blending layers together or removing excessive bulk. Texturizing shears have wider teeth, which can add volume and texture when a style has layers. Browse the full collection of hair scissors here to find a variety of shear types available.

The Best Hair Shear Selection

Beauty Plus Salon is the best place to buy salon-quality shears and other hair styling products. You'll find hair cutting scissors from trusted brands like Ultra and Vincent at affordable prices. Shop now to get free continental U.S. shopping on orders of $55 or more.

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Vincent Platinum Thinning 6.75" (VT2004P)
Our Price $99.99 MSRP $105.00
Vincent Prince 5" Shears (YK500P)
Our Price $269.99 MSRP $311.00
Vincent Prince 5.5" Shears (YK550P)
Our Price $269.99 MSRP $311.00
Vincent Prince6.5" Shears (YK650P)
Our Price $269.99 MSRP $311.00
Vincent Pro Left 5.5" (YA13)
Our Price $183.99 MSRP $189.00
Vincent Pro Palican 5.5" (YA12)
Our Price $245.99 MSRP $251.00
Vincent Pro Thinning Shears (YA10)
Our Price $183.99 MSRP $190.00
Vincent Plantinum Thinning 6.75" (VT2004P)