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Thinking of coloring your hair at-home? We’re sharing our top tips for beautiful, salon-quality color!

1. Make Sure You Buy Enough Product
Making sure you have enough color is key. Not having enough will run the risk of you running out and some seriously uneven color. It’s always better to have too much than not enough!

*If your hair is longer than shoulder length or super thick then you might want to pick up an extra box of color just in case.*

2. Do You Have The Right Tools
Rather than applying the dye using your hands, it would be way better to invest in a mixing bowl and a brush. That way you’ll know the color is fully mixed and the brush will help you to get a more even coverage so that you avoid any patches.

3. Pick The Right Color For You
We recommend only going up to two shades lighter or darker than your current hair color. This will ensure the most natural looking results, and if you miss any spots it will not be as noticeable.

4. Pick The Right Type Of Color
Do you want semi-permanent or permanent color? What is the difference?

Semi Permanent Hair Color
Semi permanent color is also referred to as hair gloss and it adds shine. It is used to refresh or change the tone of the hair, but does not lighten or darken hair. This type of color will only last up to 8 shampoos and is not for gray coverage. If you have minimal gray and do not want the commitment of permanent color, this will be the option for you.
Permanent Hair Color
Permanent color i just like it sounds…permanent. It is used to lighten, darken, add, or change the tone of your hair. It covers gray permanently and provides full color coverage. If you have a lot of gray to cover or don’t plan on changing your color regularly this will be the option for you.

5. Always Read The Instructions
It may sound obvious, but not all box dyes are the same so you want to make sure you’ve read the instructions fully before starting the process.

6. Avoid Stains
To avoid the color from staining your skin you want to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around your hairline before you apply the color. You can also use stain remover afterwards.

7. Tips For Applying The Color:

Start With Your Roots
The ends of your hair tend to take color a lot quicker than your roots so instead of covering all of your hair, start by covering your roots completely before you pull the color through the lengths. You can do this in sections, using the brush to coat your scalp and to cover your hair as evenly as possible.

Take Sections
When applying the color to the rest of your hair you want to make sure you’re doing it in small sections so that the hair is as evenly coated as possible. It’s also easier to start at the nape (back) of your neck before working your way up. This will stop you from missing any patches!

Comb Through
To avoid unwanted “band” of color, comb the root color through the mid-lengths.

Leave Your Hair Down To Develop
As tempting as it is to put your hair up into a bun once you’ve applied the dye, you want to do the opposite and leave it down. This will prevent any uneven patches of color from putting it up.

Rinse, dry, style. Voila! Flawless, salon-quality color that lasts!

We hope you enjoyed these tips for at-home hair color and we would love to see it! Share your selfies with us on Instagram & Facebook: @beautyplussalon

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