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Zoella Beauty - New at Beauty Plus Salon

Wondrous Whip, Pretty Polished, Soap Pop, Blissful Mistful (Solid Fragrance) Wondrous Whip, Pretty Polished, Soap Pop, Blissful Mistful (Solid Fragrance), Makeup Bag

Introducing Zoella Beauty- a wide array of primarily bath and body care products curated by popular lifestyle YouTuber Zoe Sugg, better known as her online/public persona Zoella. The brands offerings include products such as the Fizz Bar (Fragranced Bath Fizzer) and the Wondrous Whip Body Cream- creating a unique, Zoella-fied bath and body experience. Zoella Beauty was initially launched in the U.K. over two years ago and first made a trip stateside in 2016 upon the release of a limited edition holiday line. However Zoella Beauty is here to stay and now has an American line comprised of fan favorites from past collections. This beauty brand is a direct reflection of Zoella’s personality- cute, whimsical and created in hopes to help alleviate anxieties by providing an all-around pleasant experience. Zoella knocked the packaging out of the park with this one. Some products are so pretty it pains us to unwrap them or break the seal- but not only is this brand aesthetically pleasing, it is also extremely affordable. There is not one product in the line that exceeds $15 in price, meaning you can buy two of everything. After indulging yourself in an array of Zoella Beauty products, you’ll feel rather dainty and delightful without breaking the bank. Beauty Plus Salon carries the following Zoella Beauty products:

Zoella Soap Pop – Fragranced soap on a stick with ingredients to help keep skin feeling smooth

Zoella Blissful Mistful (Solid Fragrance) – A solid fragrance in a portable container for easy on the go use

Zoella Soak Opera – Bath and shower cream that can be used directly on wet skin or as bubble bath

Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy – Body lotion with skin-loving ingredients to soften and condition the skin

Zoella Pretty Polished – Sugar scrub used to exfoliate and rid your skin of dull and dead skin

Zoella Blissful Mistful – Fresh and floral scented fragrance

Zoella Wonder Hand Cream – Hand cream packed with moisturizers to keep your hands soft and smooth

Zoella Scooper Dooper – Foaming bath soak with ingredients to keep your skin feeling soft

Zoella Wondrous Whip – Lightly whipped body cream to condition and soften the skin

Zoella Fizz Bar – Eight small cubes of bath fizzers to create a relaxing bathing experience

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