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The Naked Manicure

zoya naked manicureHave you been searching, forever, looking for the perfect nude shade to give your nails the “naked” look? Well, the hunt is over girl! Zoya has created the best naked manicure system you’ll ever find. Zoya’s system treats, corrects and protects with no extra steps. Instantly, this polish will improve the appearance of damaged and discolored nails. Over a long period, it improves the condition, strength and flexibility of your nails. Who doesn’t want that?

Zoya’s Naked Manicure was designed to mimic the color of a natural nail bed. They have created five different perfectors to help achieve your desired color.  These shades can be layered to give you the desired color of your nail bed.

Check out the blending guilds below to find the perfect shades for you!

zoya blending guides


Here at Beauty Plus Salon, we put the Naked Manicure to the test! We started our Naked Manicure using the Naked Manicure base coat. Next, we used the lavender perfector to even out yellow discoloring [tip: the tips of our nails had more discoloring than near the cuticle, so we applied a second coat of lavender to the tips]. Then, we used the buff perfector to give our nails the "natural" look. Lastly, we applied the Naked Manicure Satin Top Coat. [Left hand has The Naked Manicure; Right hand is bare]naked manicure

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