Stop Color Fade With Just 3 Products!

Stop Color Fade With Just 3 Products!

Do you have color treated hair?   Does your gorgeous chestnut brown bob turn into muddy waters after a couple of weeks?  Or maybe the fantasy flame red turns more like flat red rhubarb within days…. It’s frustrating right?  It takes time to look good not to mention sometimes big buckaroos to get the perfect pigment.  Is there a way to forego the fading and run through the streets with locks of luminosity?

With a mission to create superb hair care for color-treated hair, Pureology hair care originated in California in 2001.  Pioneering the “no nasties” movement with their ZeroSulfate® shampoos and 100% vegan formulas, Pureology, landed on the hair color scene forging the non-fading, healthy hair movement.

IMG_0867Color Challenges

Are you battling the 3-big D’s from coloring your hair?  Dull, damage, and dryness?  Pureology Hydrate, a best seller, is a concentrated moisture shampoo which gently cleanses but provides essential hydration with its Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology which deeply hydrates to revitalize dry hair. This vegan formula cleanses and hydrates but does not strip color so dealing with dullness/fading is no longer a dilemma.   It’s partner conditioner, Hydrate Condition, also has Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology which deeply hydrates to revitalize dry hair and enhance color radiance, making color last.  What’s more, both of these products are super concentrated, a little goes a long way – providing the best bang for your buck, all the while maintaining incredible color.

Looking for the multi tasker of hair color products?  Pureology, offers Colour Fanatic Multi-Benefit Leave-In Treatment which has 21 benefits.  Just to name a few…. it primes with protecting against color fade so your color is maintained, it instantly detangles, prevents split ends, adds shine, lessens drying time, controls frizz and reduces static…. It does a lot more but I would suggest purchasing this best buy in a bottle to see for yoursel


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