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Everything to know about Glam Roll-Ups

What are Glam Roll-Ups? Glam Roll-Ups are industrial grade clear, vinyl, segmented cosmetic bags designed by a makeup junkie for makeup junkies.

Inspiration behind Glam Roll-Ups? A self-professed glam girl, I have lots of lipsticks and nail polishes and all my stuff was in jars and bags. I thought to myself there had to be a better way. I wanmed_rested to see all my bottles of nail polish instantly. The idea of getting one of those big acrylic displays was not an option, I have a small apartment and even trying to accommodate some kind of wall display wasn’t going to work either. But I was tired of digging through a bag to find that I had purchased basically the same color about 3 times. The vision to see all my nail polishes was born. A long clear bag which could store each polish separately but could be rolled out and rolled up for easy storage. Voila! My first roll-up was born, the Smoochi, and I am delighted to say that it holds 40 regular sized nail polishes, 60 regular size lipsticks, and or up to 100 lip liners.

After the Smoochi was designed, it wasn’t long before I wanted to organize my makeup bag, in which I created the Diva. I really loved seeing all my ‘faves’ instantly; the Diva has large, medium, small, and extra small compartments which is what makes these bags special, it keeps everything separated for easy viewing. What I love most about the Diva are the tiny compartments which can store extra hard to find items like aspirin, bobby pins, and hair ties which normally would be tossed around and covered with makeup and lint in an ordinary cosmetic case.


More roll-ups have been developed; the Go Go which is perfect for hair ties, bobby pins, and little clips. The Weekender, a 5 pocket, roll-up was created for the “lipstick queen” lipsticks and lip liners can be grouped together, a great pleasure for those who carry an array of lipstick/lipliner combinations. Lastly, the Mini roll-up perfect for tweezers, nail clippers, small scissors, and any other types of small instruments.

Why buy a Glam Roll-Up?

Saves time!  Having your cosmetic collections organized, you can access your favorites instantly, instead of rummaging through a drawer or messy bag, the Diva can roll up and out in seconds - locating the lippies you love has never been more convenient.  The perfect red lipstick you think you didn't have?  You own it.

  1. Saves money!  Do you find yourself buying the same nail polish twice?  Or buying a new nail polish only to find 3 or 4 in your collection which are basically the same color?  The Smoochi holds 40 nail polishes, coordinating your nail polish by color, will assist you to see all the colors at a glance and avoid buying duplicates and or similar shades.
  2. Keeps the cosmetics fresh and updated.  Do you know cosmetics have a shelf life?  Organizing your cosmetics keeps them fresh and updated.  Most cosmetics have a shelf life which is 6 months - 1 year.  Mascara only 3 months, and it needs to be thrown out, the bacteria can build up and cause an infection.  My advice keeps what is being used, everything older than a year, you should probably purge.

Let’s do this! Eliminate the messy makeup bag, streamline the medicine cabinet madness, and coordinate the cosmetic chaos, shop for your Glam Roll-Up now!

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