3 "No Brainer" Salon Products to Save Money & Time

We’re all looking for way to save time and money! Who wants to give away their hard-earned buckaroos and precious time to hours spent having hair color, foils, nails, and pricey blowouts? Sheesh - it’s expensive, not to mention, all the energy to plan, stay, and pay for looking beautiful. Read on for 3 “no brainer” products that will change your life.

If you’re racing against gray re-growth and you haven’t yet tried Style Edit or Salon in a Bottle, not sure what you’re waiting for! Every 4 weeks (and for some just 2 weeks) the maddening gray hair starts sprouting up, your mind starts going- plan, call, go, sit, chat, spend, and the cycle repeats itself every 4 weeks. Unless, of course, you know this little secret, root touch up sprays, best bang for the buck for under $25. Once you see the gray or white, whip out your spray and spend as little as 5 minutes to keep your gray at bay until your next shampoo.

For those who love blow outs, and you know who you are, your stylist has biceps like the bionic woman and your hair looks like you-left-the-salon seconds ago. Beautiful voluminous, silky- soft strands but on day 2, 3, and 4 it begins to beckon for something more. Rejuvenate roots and scalp with Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Dry Shampoo available in Blonde and Brunette and put the volume, spring, and zing back for $18. Dry shampoo prolongs the chore of having to do more whether it’s at the salon or with your own hair wand, why take the time to do another blow-out when you need to run like the wind!

Nails breaking the bank? A weekly manicure/pedicure can run around $25 (not including the tip) so if you’re heading to the nail tech even for a simple clean up, you’re talking $100 a month. Consider OPI Infinite Shine Polishes, you can have nails and toes which will last 2 weeks. The OPI Infinite Nail Polish collection requires, 3-steps, Primer, Enamel, and Top Coat, and requires no light. This “gel” like polish can be the answer to your prayers. Nail down more time for yourself with this life saver. In the end our time and cash are key, consider one of these speedy solutions today!

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