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Back To College Essentials

SAMSUNG CSCWith everyone moving back into dorms and gearing up for a brand new semester, the last thing on our minds is how to take care of our hair during stressful school months. Between hitting the books, extra curricular's and managing to maintain somewhat of a social life, it's hard to find time to maintain the same beauty regimen's that we would if we had more time. There are quite a few products that'll help speed up your current routine, here are three:

Dry Shampoo: You can read our article about dry shampoo here, but basically this is one of the most crucial hair products in your artillery. Be it in the morning before your 8 am class, or right before a spur of the moment dinner date you can so easily rely on dry shampoo to make sure your hair looks clean and refreshed.

Makeup Wipes/Micellar Water: Have you ever used micellar water before? If you have, you'll agree with me that this is without question a holy grail makeup removal product. If you're not familiar with micellar water, it's magical water that uses science to help take your makeup off easier (in a nutshell). You can buy the water on it's own or buy makeup wipes with the water infused into them- I have both. Adding a little extra water to the wipes really douses it with the product and ensures that all the makeup is coming off. Nothing is worse than getting into bed after a long day and realizing you've gotta get up and take your makeup off- if you're willing to sacrifice washing your face that night, leave makeup wipes and micellar water next to your bed and you can take it off quick and easy. And if you don't end up washing your face, micellar water provides a deeper clean than ordinary makeup remover- so you can feel just a little less guilty about skipping out.

Clix It Acne Eraser Pen: If you're one of the lucky people who have never experienced a breakout, must be nice. But if you're with the greater majority, odds are you've dealt with a pimple or two in your day. With college comes stress, and with stress comes acne. This product will help combat those pesky surprise breakouts and prevent ones from popping up in the future. It will heal acne, cool irritated skin, help control sebum (oil) production and work to prevent future breakouts. It's small, quick and can fit in a purse- what more do you want?

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