Shampoo 101

Shampoo 101

SAMSUNG CSCOily Hair: DevaCurl Buildup Buster - Remember how I said micellar water was the actual best thing since sliced bread? Not only will it work wonders on taking your makeup off, but it can also work to cleanse your scalp! The DevaCurl buildup buster is a staple in my hair care routine. As someone with crazy curly hair who flat irons it nearly everyday, I tend to go 3-5 days between washes which can lead to a bit of product buildup on my scalp. It doesn't contain any harsh ingredients that could harm your hair and will gently cleanse the scalp. Matrix Biolage ScalpSync - This balancing shampoo will remove excess dirt and oils from the scalp while minimizing dandruff. It's formulated with mint to provide a cooling sensation to sooth and refresh irritated scalps.

Dry Hair: Redken Extreme - With help from the Redken Extreme shampoo your hair can become up to 4 times stronger. It works to strengthen, repair, and protect the hair while cleansing and restoring shine. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi - This shampoo will dive deep into the hair to help restore strength and moisture. While it lathers it's also rebuilding, which will leave your dry hair full of shine and moisture. It is sulfate free and works to repair each individual strand resulting in an overall look of healthier hair.

Curly Hair: DevaCurl No Poo - This no lather cleanser is formulated especially for our curly girls. DevaCurl's No Poo is sulfate free and highly moisturizing, which will hydrate and gently cleanse the scalp to reveal soft, bouncy curls every time!

Color Treated Hair: Pureology Hydrate - With a concentrated formula, the Pureology Hydrate shampoo will create a luxurious lather that's easy to rinse out of the hair. It contains extra gentle cleansers that will not strip away color from hair. Ouidad Color Sense (Curls) -  This is another product formulated just for us curly girls. Coloring curly hair is no easy task, and with help from Ouidad's Color Sense shampoo we can help keep vibrant color for as long as possible. It will cleanse curls without stripping away color or moisture while protecting from harmful UV exposure and gently removes build up.

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