Back to School with Fairy Tales

Back to School with Fairy Tales

Fairy TalesFairy Tales are a key component to have in the arsenal if you've got younger, school aged kids. Unfortunately, schools are a serious breeding ground for lice so it's important that you take the necessary precautions to prevent lice and worst case scenario- get rid of them. Fairy Tales has a wide array of products that are proven to work against lice, and with the back to school season being in full swing it's crucial to have at least a few of these products at your disposal.

Rosemary Repel Shampoo: Formulated without sulfates and harsh chemicals, this shampoo is gentle and effective enough for daily use. It contains pure rosemary, citronella and tea tree oils that will gently cleanse the hair while working to prevent head lice. There is a matching conditioner that will effectively detangle and tame unruly hair while preventing head lice as well as a leave-in conditioner that will soften and moisturize the hair. This product line also features a hairspray that is light-weight and non-sticky, and a styling gel that will hold hair in place without build up or making it crunchy. All of these products are clinically proven to prevent head lice.

Lice Good-Bye: This is your solution to head lice outbreaks. Formulated with natural enzymes, Lice Good-Bye is proven to remove and dissolve lice and their eggs to completely rid you of them. This product contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides and removes everything naturally, making it perfect for young children.

Nit Free Terminator Comb: It goes without saying that if you've got school aged kids, you should have one of these. This is the ultimate lice and egg removal comb- the long, thin teeth make it easy to comb through the hair during head checks, and ultimately to remove any eggs or lice you may see in the process.

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