Top Five Shampoos Our Customers Love!

Top Five Shampoos Our Customers Love!

It always amazes me what shampoos people rave about.  There are sooooo many shampoos in the professional shampoo market, however, there are some that outshine the competition in popularity.  If you’re curious what’s been flying off the shelves, strap yourself in for some standouts.

hydrasourceBiolage Ultra Hydrasource Shampoo – Fighting split ends and lack of luster?  If you are in desperate need for some serious rejuvenation but fear losing volume?  This intense moisturizing shampoo gently cleanses hair leaving it hydrated, soft, and with shine but not without volume.  Infused with the aloe, cupuacu butter, and apricot kernel oil this trio aids moisture but not does not overtake to squash volume.

MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo- For those of us who have the big “D” for damaged hair, the Moroccan Moisture Repair Shampoo is ideal for hair debilitated by color, chemical processing, or heat styling.  Have color in your hair at-home? This formula is sulfate, paraben, and phosphate free, which means it’s going to be gentle, moisturize, and repair but retain color.  The formula contains argan oil, keratin, fatty acids and proteins which infuse moisture back into the hair shaft.  If price is not a concern, this formula is for you! [Moroccan Oil is available in store only]

DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight- If you have wavy or some say a “slight curl” in your hair and want to enhance it?  This shampoo helps intensify waves/curls that need weightless moisture, this is a must-have for body and frizz control. This brand actually refers to this shampoo more as a ‘mild lather cleanser’ as it works to remove impurities but keep the moisture. Its unique formula contains rice protein for body and fullness, lotus flower for bounce and a chia-flaxseed extract blend for long lasting waves.  If you’re looking to boost your natural wave, this shampoo is for you.

Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo –  A personal favorite, I can attest this shampoo is amazing for providing the “pop” to blonde, white, or gray hair.  A purple, protein- paul mitchellenriched color enhancing shampoo brightens blonde, whitens white, and revitalizes gray hair by eliminating any yellow ting.  It’s not necessary to use this shampoo every day, but 1 to 2x a week will keep yellow at bay.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo by Paul Mitchell-  Need a hair and scalp boost? Great for all hair types, this invigorating cleanser leaves strands refreshingly clean and full of shine.  Natural tea tree oil, peppermint, and lavender soothe the scalp, while gently removing impurities.  If you’re looking for a “switch-up” shampoo to jumpstart your shampoo routine this is definitely one to consider.

These shampoos maybe standouts but they may not necessarily be the best for you.  When considering shampoo, it’s important to first evaluate what you desire.  It’s possible you might be looking for a shampoo to resolve more than one hair “issue” but keep in mind, that generally speaking all professional salon products have superior ingredients due to extensive research and development.  With that being said, no matter what you choose it’s hard to lose; you’re in good hands with top notch products.

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