5 Frizzy Hair Offenders- What You’re Doing Wrong

5 Frizzy Hair Offenders- What You’re Doing Wrong

Are you fighting frizzy hair?  Have you tried switching up your shampoos, conditioners, and styling products but are still battling poofy hair?  You’re probably wondering what’s causing the frizz?  It’s probably one of the most common challenges in hair but there are some highly underrated factors which frizz stems from.   Read on to figure out what’s firing up the frizz….

Inadequate Shampoo and Conditioner - Think of your hair as a fabric with special washing instructions.  Would you wash a cashmere sweater in dish soap?  The same care applies to different hair types- a professional opinion along with salon quality shampoos and conditioners are essential for keeping your hair looking healthy, shiny, and frizz free.  It’s normal for curly hair types to need moisture, whether wavy, curly, or kinky- Ouidad and DevaCurl are professional lines specifically designed for all curl types focusing on adding moisture which is imperative for smooth curls and less frizz.  Using a shampoo and conditioner with harsh detergents can dry out curls and make them unruly, dry, and separated.  Curly hair types need no or low suds producing shampoos like DevaCurl No Poo or DevaCurl Low Poo – these shampoos are gentle and infuse curls with nourishment.  In addition, using a wide tooth comb to saturate curly hair with an intense conditioner like Climate Control by Ouidad can coat the hair shaft and act as a barrier against humidity ultimately eliminating frizz.  Blonde?  Highlighted?  Hair that has high lift, generally is prone to frizz.  Consider Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights is a creamy shampoo and conditioner which encapsulates the hair shaft to smooth the cuticle.  Colored hair?  Consider Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo it cleanses and helps tame frizz-prone color treated hair.

Brushing Wet Hair - Hair when wet is super fragile, handle with care, especially chemically treated hair and curly hair, gentle brushing required.  Brushing the hair opens up the cuticle and makes FRIZZ, best bet is to just comb through gently.  If you prefer to brush wet hair, consider the Wet Brush Pro, it gently brushes out tangles with no pulling, tugging or pain, the result is healthier hair with no tangles, no split ends, and less breakage.  Rough brushing will definitely increase frizz when wet, even more frizz when brushed when dry.

Towel Drying Hair – Rubbing the water out of your hair with a towel is only going to magnify the frizz, it’s best to pat your whole head gently and squeeze excess moisture out of your hair, remember, wet and or damp hair is fragile and needs proper care. The DevaCurl Devatowel anti-frizz microfiber towel absorbs the water and is gentle on the curls and prevents frizz.  Even if using a regular towel, think about patting versus rubbing.

Over Processing Hair with Bleach or Color- Love the color of your hair but now you have a wicked case of the frizzies?  Too much stress to the hair shaft and it will look and feel like a piece of frayed rope.  Spend time, 3-5 minutes after shampooing, doing a repair mask like L’Oreal Professionnel Pro-Keratin Refill or Moi Moi Healing Moisture Masque by L’Anza; either can help revitalize the hair shaft and take the rough to ravishing.

Blow Drying the Wrong Way- Which way do you point the nozzle of your hair dryer?  The nozzle if pointed the wrong way, can do the opposite of smoothing the hair shaft.  The nozzle and air flow should be pointing in the direction you want the hair to go.  If you want the hair blown under, the nozzle should be pointing in the downward position while blowing to avoid frizz.  Using a good quality dryer like the Hot Tools Turbo Ceramic Ionic Dryer with Ion Technology, produces negative ions to help dry hair up to 50% faster.  What’s more, this dryer helps condition and soften hair while reducing frizz and increasing shine.  Have curly hair?  Consider a Hot Sock Diffuser for the nozzle, this clever diffuser sock fits most hair dryers and enables the curls to remain coiled, diffusers of any type keep curls intact, otherwise, blowing the hair around will produce frizz.

In the end, generally when frizz is an ongoing obstacle, it’s more than likely you’re trying to go against what your hair naturally wants to do.  Letting it “go” sometimes is the best action -if it’s curly go curly, if it’s straight stay straight, wavy then wear waves… applying this philosophy along with seeking the best salon products, gentle maintenance, and perhaps some blow-drying basics,  should be enough to forego the frizz.

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