Product Review: PUFF.ME

Product Review: PUFF.ME

I have very curly haSAMSUNG CSCir, naturally. In my world, volume is the absolute last thing I need. However, in recent years, I've been straightening my hair nearly every day which brings me from a bad 80's hairdo to something a little more tame. However, I oftentimes find myself missing the volume that comes alongside my unruly curly hair so I douse my hair with volumizing sprays, blow dry and flat iron in the opposite direction to build a little extra height- anything to make it look a little less lifeless. After trying numerous dry shampoos and sprays I came across a little pink bottle titled 'Puff.Me'.

Puff.Me is a product brought to you by the brand Design.Me. It is a 'volumizing cloud mist'- something I had never heard of before. Upon spraying it, it looks a little bit like you're just spraying baby powder- it's unscented and nearly translucent once it's in your hair. However, unlike dry shampoo's or baby powder, Puff.Me creates an interesting texture once it hits your hair. Sticky is the definitely wrong term to use, however that is kind of what it feels like. It creates a unique type of stiffness- a hold, if you will, that I have never experienced using any other product which is why it's so hard for me to describe. You're supposed to direct the product at your roots, and spray about 2-4 inches away for the best results. I did that in a few areas and then flipped my head over to tousle it (in an effort to disperse it, even though that's not really in the instructions, it's simply out of habit) and then combed it through a few more times. After flipping my hair back over and styling the way I usually do (just a side part) it looked like I had teased it. It works. And plus, after combing it through and moving the product around a little bit, the interesting 'this product is not moving' feeling that it initially created mostly went away. It didn't make my hair look greasy, you could see no powder at all and it held up pretty well. After feeling it initially, I thought it would weigh my hair down which is counteractive to what it's actually supposed to do- but it was surprisingly lightweight and didn't bother me at all.

I'm one of the lucky ones who has a really full head of hair, so volume and my hair appearing to be 'thin' has never been a worry of mine- I'm just a fan of big hair. But for those who have naturally thin hair, this is definitely a product you should consider picking up. At a price point of nearly $15, it may seem like a bit of an investment- but I can assure you that if you want volume, this product will give it to you.  Whether you're wearing your hair down, styling it for an up-do or even putting it in a braid, Puff.Me will make your hair look like you spent way longer styling it than simply pumping a product a few times.


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