It's A 10 - Miracle Leave In's

It's A 10 - Miracle Leave In's

It's a 10Being a girl with curly hair, there are few products that rank as highly in my collection as a leave-in conditioner. A good leave in conditioner can transform your hair from a knotted, tangled mess into a smooth, frizzless look. It's A 10 has created a line of Miracle Leave-In's that do just that- detangle, defrizz, add moisture and more.

Miracle Leave-In: An ideal solution for smoothing hair by eliminating frizz and detangling, this product can be used on all hair types to help make hair stronger and healthier with every use. This treatment is nourishing and moisturizing and can either be used on it's own or as a restorative styling product.

Miracle Leave-In for Blondes: Specially formulated for blonde hair, the Miracle Leave-In for Blondes works on both natural and dyed blonde hair. It will enhance highlights and shine without dulling, while adding in moisture and defrizzing. This product will reduce fading and tone your hair color as well as protect your hair from harmful heat and UV rays. Not only does this product do all of that, but it also aids in the reversal of damage from over processing and excess heat.

Miracle Leave-In Lite: This ultra light formula was create special for those with fine or short hair. This product has the same replenishing and detangling properties as the original while using the lightest, most effective natural ingredients. It will help prevent split ends, fading color and environmental damage.

Miracle Silk Express Leave-In: Silky and smooth is this products specialty; strengthening and restoring moisture into dry, damaged hair while adding shine and natural body. Miracle Silk will seal in moisture to shield from frizz and infuse deep hydration to help reduce breakage. Safe for color treated hair , it protects from color fade and dryness to keep your hair looking full of life.

Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin: This product has all the benefits of the original Miracle Leave-In while specializing in strengthening hair. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with a keratin straightening treatment to help maintain it. Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin works on all hair types to bring out natural luster and make hair stronger and healthier by replacing lost proteins. It will protect that hair's natural keratin and protect against heat, restore hydration, detangle and defrizz.

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