The Ultimate Brush Guide

The Ultimate Brush Guide

No matter what Beauty Plus Salon you shop at there's always dozens of brushes and you're left with the debate on what brush is the best for you. We created this handy guide to help you through the process! Check out our Brush Bible below!

Detangling brushes are our most-sought after type of brush. Everyone is looking for a brush that will say so long to troublesome knots without beating up our scalps. What a lot of folks aren't aware of is the way you detangle your hair. When you're brushing your hair you usually start at the top of your head and brush down to your ends, right?? Well this causes tons of pain and decent amount of damage to your locks. Try starting from the ends of your hair and work your way up to the top, this ensures you'll have removed the knot without anywetbrush pic stress put on the hair.  Wet Brush is one of our number one brushes for that. The bristles on this brush are created with "IntelliFlex" technology, which means the bristles will bend to avoid snagging on knots. Wet Brushes are great to use on wet hair (hence their name!) and excellent on dry hair. They also come in purse size as well- great for on the go!

 "Oh, I've tried the Wet Brush and it doesn't get through my hair." - almost every curl client I've met. Don't worry, the Wet Brush isn't the only detangling brush out there. For all our naturalistas, we 100% recommend you trying out Denman Brushes. They look like a classic 5- or 7-row brush but again the bristles have a little give to them to prevent snagging on those perfect spirals of yours. Another great thing about Denman Brushes is that space in-between each bristle is wide enough to create a perfect wave pattern, ending in a cohesive curly style. Remember to always, always, ALWAYS start at the ends of your hair!

 Now that we've got nice detangled hair, obviously this is the point where you'd grab your round brush and start styling, correct? No! To make your life waaaay easier grab a Paddle Brush, they come vented and not vented. I'd say grab a vented one because what we're doing is getting 70-80% of the moisture(water) out of the hair. Don't get me wrong you can use a non-vented one if you're like it'll just take a tad bit longer for the hair to dry than using a vented one. This is 17064-1every hair stylists secret, Rough Drying! Rough drying is getting that unnecessaryy moisture out of the hair before they go in at smooth the hair out. All you need to do is put your products (blow dry spray, volumizer, oils) in your hair then take the paddle brush along with your blow dryer and start brushing out the hair for the heat to starting drying it. Your mid-shafts are usually take the longest to dry so focus on the middle more so than the roots or ends. Olivia Garden has a great selection of paddle brushes to choose from. Once that's finished you'll take your Round Brush and make the style neat.

Round Brushes tend to have a ceramic coating and the most common to find. These are great for quick styling as the ceramic acts as an iron, giving you smooth sleek results. Depending on the size barrel you get, you can curl in your ends, giving your hair bombshell style. You can also get insane volumsmooth operatore with ceramic round brushes too, grab a 1 ½"- 1 ¼" barrel size and over direct (pull hair forward and roll brush back) and let sit for a couple seconds. It almost acts like a hot roller but you won't have to deal with the pins or wait for the rollers to heat up. Spornette has a great variety of Round Brushes to choose from, personally I love the Smoother Operator Collection. The have twisted bristles that help the hair from getting tangled or caught.

 Natural Bristle Brushes, commonly referred as Boar Brushes, come in both Round and Paddle forms. Boar Round Brushes are good for a body in that hair, and excellent from smoothing. For IMG_4519very sleek styles this type of brush is a go-to. Paddle versions are also amazing for detangling, adding shine and smoothing for up-dos. I use boar brushes when I style my hair like Kim K's bob, with some pomade (a little goes a long way!) and brush product into hair for that pin straight, not going to most bob. Deville by Spornette are a great choice for paddle brushes.

 For the "thiss-l300 is too complicated" there's always the handy Straightening Brush. Pretty self-explanatory, these brushes tend to be made with boar, since you are trying to smooth and straighten the hair. Be careful with your sectioning while using this brush, if you put too much hair in the brush you'll end up with a frizzy finished look. Try keeping sections about an inch and a half big.

Since we are toward the end of our styling with either the Ceramic Round brush or Boar Brush, the little wonderyou might still want some height around the top. Grab a teasing brush, typically they are no more than 4 rows of bristles that usually vary in length to help give volume. Instead of taking the brush to your ends, you'll brush toward your scalp and create a cushion for your hair to sit on- thus more volume! The Little Wonder is in pretty much every stylist's station, which mean you should keep one in your vanity at home!

On top of all these brushes, we still have the Extension Brush. Extension Brushes, sometimes called "Loop" Brushes, have bristles that resemble loops. This avoids pulling on (or out) your extensions. You can use this brush with clip-ins, sew-in's and bonded extensions. You made the investment on the hair already, grab the brush while you're at it to extend in the life of that purchase.

With all this new knowledge on brush types, I hope it helps you grab the best brush (or brushes) for you! Don't forget to clean your brushes regularly! Once a month or so give them a bath in a bowl of water and shampoo, removing hair from first then let sit in the bowl for about a half hour. Rinse brushes with water and let dry!

Have questions about which brush is for you? Drop a comment below!

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