5 Surprising Habits That Increase Natural Wave

Do you love your natural wave and want to learn how to enhance it? Increasing your natural wave is easy with 3 surprising habits. There are several pros to “working” your natural wave and with a couple of tips under your belt the results will be fabulous. Read on for these practices to increase natural wave.

Apply Conditioner First - Using a shampoo and conditioner with harsh detergents can dry out curls and make them unruly, dry, and separated. This sounds unusual but to enhance wave, apply the conditioner first. Remember to rinse out conditioner, shampoo 2x and then condition again and rinse. Too many steps? Then consider using DevaCurl Wavy Mini Transformation Kit.

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair - Hair when wet is super fragile, handle with care, especially chemically treated hair and curly hair, gentle brushing required. Brushing the hair opens up the cuticle and makes FRIZZ, best bet is to just comb through gently. Maintaining wave is key so if you prefer to brush wet hair, consider the Wet Brush Pro, it gently brushes out tangles with no pulling, tugging or pain, the result is healthier hair with no tangles, no split ends, and less breakage. Rough brushing will definitely increase frizz when wet, even more frizz when brushed when dry.

Avoid Towel Drying Hair - Rubbing the water out of your hair with a towel is only going to magnify the frizz, and break down the wave, it’s best to pat your whole head gently and squeeze excess moisture out of your hair, remember, wet and or damp hair is fragile and needs proper care, the DevaCurl Devatowel anti-frizz microfiber towel absorbs the water and is gentle on the curls and prevents frizz. Even if using a regular towel, think about patting versus rubbing.

Use A Diffuser - Using a Hot Sox Diffuser on your blow dryer nozzle enables the waves to stay connected. Otherwise, blowing the hair around will produce frizz. Cupping your hair and adding this clever mit will keep your waves in and the frizz out.

Forego the Gel - If you’re still using gel to make your waves look better, consider using a DevaCurl Wave Maker styling aid instead. This cream can help keep you waves hydrated while still keeping them intact.

Wavy hair is beautiful and with these 5 surprising simple habit changes your waves can look fabulous, give them a try today!

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