Strap Yourself In! Curls are Back! Yes, Perms Too!

Strap Yourself In! Curls are Back! Yes, Perms Too!

Hey ladies and gents, news flash, curls are back in style! Yes, a bit shocked off my rocker to read in Cosmo or one of those trendy mags that people are requesting perms! This is great news if you have curls, want curls, or have even the slightest bend in your hair. If you’re currently fighting your curls, trust me, there IS a product that can enhance your locks into luxurious love on your head. Actually, there are many products available for curly girls and guys, in fact, there are whole product lines just to devoted to curly hair. (Keep you informed on those brands with more blogs to come!).

A self-professed product junky, I have invested hundreds of dollars trying to find just the “right” devacurl low poocurly hair shampoo and conditioner. What I have determined is the density (thickness) of your hair has everything to do with what products work best! As for my hair, a medium density (thickness) and waves like Sarah Jessica Parker (when she starred in Sex In the City,) my latest shampoo, Deva Low Poo Delight and Deva One Condition Delight are worthy of writing about. You’re probably wondering, what is Low Poo? Basically, it means less lather, and No Poo means no lather, aka hair cleansers. (If you’re looking for lots of lather, hair cleansers are not for you) I’m no scientist but the lack of suds definitely results in better looking curls; less frizz, and improved curl memory.

Back to my experience, from my first usage with Deva Low Poo Delight, the smell was decent, sort of citrus-like; consistency wasn’t super thick but after shampooing twice, it left my hair feeling different, not like a rope, actually much smoother than I have ever felt. The less lather takes a little getting used to but it was a nice trade off especially if the hair feels not as dry after rinsing. My thought was, wow, it’s going to be even better with the conditioner, and of course it was. The conditioner, nothing out of the ordinary in texture, was easy to comb through, and left my hair silky but not greasy feeling. Here’s the bottom line, when the hair cuticle is smooth not rough, it makes for better curls, and the result is beautiful waves, and less frizz.

Hey I’m loving this low maintenance style and finally embracing my wave! My challenge? I still beach envyneeded more volume in my crown area, I’ve been using Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid, at first, it makes the hair a tiny bit stiff, but it does bring out more wave than usual. For best results with this product, let your hair dry completely and then flip your head over to fluff it out. This is a great second-day-hair product; super cute after a good night of sleep, and for those of us who like the I just had a good-romp-in-the-hay kind of style it’s a “must have”.

Sooooooo it’s time ladies and lads, forfeit the fight, embrace the wave, correct the kink, and learn to love your locks…. In the end, you’ll love the way you look!

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