Leave-In Conditioners 101

If you don’t already know this, hair is an investment! If you want healthy hair then you need to keep up with the maintenance. Today’s topic is leave-in conditioners and I’m here to discuss my personal recommendations for different hair types.

Leave-In Conditioner's are an essential step in every haircare routine. If you aren't using one, then you need to be! Leave-In's do more than just detangle, they provide a range of different benefits to help maintain the integrity of your hair. Whether your hair is fine, coarse, straight, curly, etc. there is a leave-in for you. These are just a few of my "go-to" leave-ins:

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In: Probably the most popular among customers and beauty advisors Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.54.48 PMalike. If you haven’t tried it and you are unsure of which one to buy this is a MUST! It’s a 10 offers a few different options for leave-in conditioners, but my personal favorites are the original Miracle Leave-In and the Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin. Both of these products contain these 10 benefits:

  1. Repair Damage
  2. Add Shine
  3. Promote Silkiness
  4. Detangle
  5. Control Frizz
  6. Add Shine
  7. Protect Color
  8. Prevent Split Ends & Breakage
  9. Enhance Body
  10. Thermal Protector

The only difference between the two types is that the Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin contains keratin. However, I personally find that the Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin is a bit heavier, so I would recommend this one for those with medium-coarse hair or someone with really dry, damaged hair. The original formula is great for all hair types, so if your indecisive try the classic Miracle Leave-In first!

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 3.02.32 PM

KMS California MOISTREPAIR Leave In Conditioner: Next up is the KMS California MoistRepair Leave-In Conditioner. This spray is great if you have dry, easily-tangled hair. KMS California is one of those brands that doesn’t get enough credit. All of their products smell really nice and work just as well. This spray is suitable for all hair types, but especially dry hair.

Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner: This is a product I always find myself going back to. I have recommended this to a variety of customers with different hair types and always hear positive feedback. The Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner is similar to the KMS. It’s great for really tangled, dry hair. I would recommend this to just about anyone except baby, fine hair. This is also great for kids as well!

Milkshake Incredible Milk 12 Effects Leave-In Treatment: Milkshake is becoming one of the top-selling brands in our store. The Milkshake Incredible Milk 12 Effects is similar to the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In. This spray-cream offers 12 Effects:

  1. Repairs All Hair Types
  2. Frizz Control
  3. Prevents Split Ends
  4. Heat Protection
  5. Long Lasting Style Support
  6. Detangles
  7. Adds Shine
  8. Adds Body & Volume
  9. Easier Heat Styling
  10. Protects & Maintains Color
  11. Protects From UV Rays
  12. Smoothes The Cuticle

This is another great multi-benefit treatment. My only caution for customers is the scent. A lot of milkshake products have a very specific scent - milkshake. It is very sweet smelling, I compare it to a cupcake. So, if you don’t mind the scent this is another great choice!

Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner: This next one is for curly girls. Ouidad Moisture Lock is great for dry, curly hair. This is leave-in is a cream opposed to a spray, which I find a lot of customers with thicker hair prefer, because it gives them the moisture they need. Great for frizzy, dry hair, and most importantly…it keeps your curls intact!

Pureology Colour Fanatic Treatment: I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this leave-in, but in the end I decided its definitely a love. The first few times I tried it I wasn’t WOW’d, but after revisiting it, I’ve come to love it! I typically bring the mini size with me when I travel.

Pureology Colour Fanatic Treatment is another multi-tasker. It offers these 21 Benefits:

  1. Protects Against Color Fade
  2. Leave-In Conditioner
  3. Instantly Detangles
  4. Makes Blow-Drying Easier
  5. Moisturizes Parched Hair
  6. Helps Even Out Porosity
  7. Weightlessly Conditions.
  8. Ideal Cutting Lotion
  9. Helps Prevent Split Ends
  10. Helps Prevent Breakage From Brushing & Combing
  11. Helps Strengthen The Hair Fiber
  12. Protects Against Heat Damage
  13. Shields Against Environmental Damage
  14. Smoothes Out Hair Surface
  15. Creates Silkiness
  16. Helps Seal Hair Cuticle
  17. Reduces Dryness
  18. Controls Frizz
  19. Reduces Static
  20. Refreshes Hair For Restyling
  21. Adds Shine

I find that this leave-in works well on just about everyone. I would recommend this to a stylist in the salon because of all of the benefits and how well it works on different hair types.

To wrap it up, I’ve tried so many different products...you wouldn’t believe the stash of products I’ve acquired from my time with Beauty Plus Salon. So even though there are other awesome products out there, these are just a few of my favorites.