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Summer Fun In The Sun - Alterna's Bamboo Beach

SAMSUNG CSCWith summer in full swing, we tend to be more concerned about hitting the beach and getting a nice tan, right? While those things are fairly important during these warm months, there’s one thing that should always be on our minds- our hair. The heat and humidity of summer mixed with the sun’s harmful UV rays can be detrimental to our hair, so it’s important to take a little extra care of it during the more extreme seasons (really cold winters, really hot summers). Alterna’s Bamboo Beach hair products work with Color Hold Technology to stop color treated hair from fading due to sunlight, among other things to help style and protect your hair.

Summer Sun Recovery Spray: This leave in conditioner will deeply penetrate your hair to help revitalize it after a long day in the sun. It infuses moisture, enhances shine and protects your hair from future sun-related damage.

Summer Ocean Waves: This tousled texture spray is lightweight, and provides weightless volume and wavy texture to help create that ‘back from the beach’ look. Formulated with Color Hold Technology, this product will help style an effortlessly sexy look and protect your colored hair from fading in the sunlight.

Summer Sunshine Spray: Not only will this spray protect your hair from UV rays, it will instantly add shine and prevent frizz for noticeably softer hair.

All of the products in the Bamboo Beach line are formulated to provide hassle-free styling and hair care without worrying about sun, pool, and saltwater damage. Each part of the line contains Eco-certified bamboo and Tahitian coconut to help your hair look good and stand up to the elements.

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