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Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is a problem that we are asked about at Beauty Plus Salon on the daily. Most of the time it’s usually over-washing that's the culprit in an oily scalp. Not to worry because there are a few products on the market to help combat greasy scalps. “How can my hair be getting oilier if I’m washing it more?” Well when you are washing daily (sometimes more than once a day) you are stripping your hair of all it’s natural oils, that keep that scalp nice and moisturized. When you shampoo that layer of oil your body goes into overdrive trying to produce extra oil to replace what you already washed away, leaving you with flat, greasy hair.

The great news is, that you can train your hair to stop overproducing in less than a week. Yes you’re going to go through one or two awkward topknot days (or you could always throw on a hat!). Along with the products I’m going to talk about and some patience you’ll be able to walk away from greasy hair!

You’re going to start with your “wash day”. Obviously this would be the day that you wash your hair (AND scalp). Almost every product line has a shampoo that will help take care of oiliness, I picked my Top 5 Shampoos that kick grease to the curb!

#1. Paul Mitchell Shampoo TwoKODAK Digital Still Camera

Shampoo Two is a deep cleansing shampoo. It has a fresh lemon scent that removes build up and gives you a “fresh start”. Since this is typically used as a clarifying shampoo I’d recommend only using this once a week.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

#2. Redken Clean Maniac Micellar Shampoo

Clean Maniac is a sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo that gently removes build up from the scalp. Whether it’s styling products or just the daily grease, this shampoo will get rid of it all. Plus it has UV-filters in there that help protect hair color from fading!

#3. Matrix Scalp Sync Cooling Mint ShampooKODAK Digital Still Camera

Scalp Sync, made is mint leaf, gives a cooling sensation to the scalp that helps you feel nice and refreshed. Along with feeling refreshed, Scalp Sync balances the scalp to “reset” the pH balance, meaning less oil to deal with.

 KODAK Digital Still Camera

#4. Milkshake Normalizing Blend Shampoo

This shampoo is made with plant-based ingredients, no sulfates and no parabens. When using Normalizing Blend, it gently but efficiently removes excess sebum(oil) and helps re-balance the scalp.

 KODAK Digital Still Camera

#5. Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo

Although Ouidad is generally for curly hair types, anyone with oily hair could benefit from this shampoo. Similar to the Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two, Water Works should only be used once a week. Formulated with lemon, grapefruit and orange extracts help deplete excess oil without stripping hair from the moisture it needs.

TIP: Avoid putting condition and styling products (except from a root lifter) on your scalp. This will clog your follicles and tell your body to produce more oil.

After your wash day, avoid running fingers through or touching your hair. This attracts the oil from your hands and face, making hair look greasy. If you still feel like your hair is greasy looking, grab a dry shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo is a great one to start with, and spritz some in the root area. The powder in the dry shampoo will absorb the excess oil giving you a fresh look.

Day 3 and 4 after washing are usually the worst, but if you can get through the first week, you’ll be able to stop shampooing daily. These days I recommend cute space buns or a topknot, no one will notice that your hair is a grease ball!

Following this “de-grease week” regularly will help you slow your oil production and give you nice lush locks in the process!

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