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Repair, Protect, Finish

Could your hair could use some TLC? Beyond shampoo and conditioner, rock your hair routine with a deep conditioning mask, thermal protector, and finishing spray. Transform your hair routine with some extra support which can really make a difference. Hair masks 1x-3x a week can provide much needed moisture to dry and damaged hair. Heat protectors for those who love their appliances, acts like a blanket between you and your flat iron to save your hair from the effects of heat styling and prevent breakage. A finishing spray can do many things like add hold, texture, and shine. Read on and let’s explore how this trio can mend your mane.

Weekly Mask Going blonde, switching colors often, or abusing appliances can make your hair feel fried. Your hair requires an all-around intense hydration mask - It’s a 10 Miracle Repair Mask is an ultra-thick formula which repairs breakage, is a frizz eliminator, adds radiant shine, instantly smooths, soothes scalp, and extends life of colored hair. If you’re thinking to get this type of repair takes hours? Nope! it’s a simple application after shampooing, apply a generous amount in your hair and use a wide tooth comb to comb through. Wait 3-7 minutes, then rinse and style as usual. Not sure how often to use? A mask is meant to be a treatment in addition to your regular routine use 1x-3x a week or as needed.

Treat the Heat Before you fire up your appliances consider using a heat protector. Heat protectors come in a variety of formulas, sprays, serums, and gels. Thermal protecting sprays are quick and usually are available in multiple holds. Using a heat protector is not just for curling and flat irons, a thermal blow dry spray like Kenra Blow-Dry Mist helps strengthen the cuticle and features a blend of jojoba and safflower oils for increase shine. It works really well to accelerate blow-dry time and control humid. If you have really hard to manage hair look for a stronger hold like Kenra Hot Spray Firm Hold Heat Protection Spray. This hot spray features the ultimate in heat protection protecting up to 428 degrees and gives hair a firm hold up to 60 hours including humid conditions.

Fabulous Finish Finishing sprays are more than just way to keep your hair from moving, yes, similar to hair sprays, finishing sprays add hold but they can also add texture like Redken Triple Dry #15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray this formula provides a long-lasting, medium hold, additional texture, shape, and more volume, all while providing natural movement. 

Tips to Keep Damage Away

• Be gentle with wet hair, don’t tug or yank on it

• Turn down the heat on your appliances

• Use thermal protecting spray

• Consider getting hair ends trimmed every 11-12 weeks

• Condition daily

• Use a mask at least 1x a week

Remember to repair, treat, and care for your locks, investing in a professional hair care regime will ensure your locks will look and feel lovely.

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