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Vibrant Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair Vibrant Sexy

Vibrant Sexy Hair, Sexy Hair’s latest collection, is tailor made for colored hair. All of the products are infused with rose and almond oils, making your hair smell great and it will leave it shiny and moisturized. Rose oil is rich in vitamins and is extremely beneficial in hair and skin care. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe an irritated or sensitive scalp while almond oil contains essential fatty acids as well as nourishing vitamins that promote healthy, shiny hair. The collection consists of five products: a shampoo, a conditioner, and three ‘out of the shower’ products. All of the products will help your hair retain color vibrancy for up to 10 weeks.

Color Lock Shampoo:

This shampoo is free of parabens, sulfates, gluten and salt- which makes it exceptionally great for your hair. Following a color treatment, it will restore and seal the hair shaft, which ultimately protects from color wash out. It creates a gentle lather which helps remove dirt and residue, while remaining gentle enough to not roughen up the hair cuticle. [get it here]

Color Lock Conditioner:

Along with the Color Lock Shampoo this conditioner is free of parabens, sulfates, gluten and salt. Not only does this product keep the hair full of moisture, but it also improves flexibility and restructures the hair that was likely damaged by the coloring process. It seals down the cuticle for optimal color retention and leaving the hair soft and smooth. [get it here]

CC Hair Perfector Leave-In Treatment:

Infused with almond and rose oil, this product nourishes the hair and repairs damages. It is also infused with numerous proteins which gives hair the strength it needs to be able to bend and stretch without breaking. On top of improving shine and vibrancy, due to its high anti-oxidant content and UV filters it also helps protect against environmental damage. [get it here]

Color Guard Post Color Sealer:

Also infused with almond and rose oil, this will seal the hair cuticle to secure color, preserve moisture and increase shine. The recommended use is after each shampoo and condition as the last step- it will neutralize chemicals in the hair and close the cuticle for extra color protections. [get it here]

Rose Elixir:

This is the overall finishing product that can be used for your hair and for your body. The Rose Elixir is the perfect product for dry hair and dry skin! You can apply it to the ends of your hair to keep them from splitting and breaking, or you could apply the product to your scalp to keep it moisturized without looking greasy. And if you don’t have a specific area of hair that needs a little help, you can apply it throughout your hair to keep all of it refreshed and vibrant. Other than that you can use it as a perfume, a moisturizer for dry elbows and knees, and even to moisturize stretchmarks. [get it here]

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