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Voluminous Hair Has Never Been So Easy!


All of us aspire to have giant hair from time to time … Okay, maybe all the time. Whether you dream of beachy, textured hair or just plain big and voluminous hair, Redken has just the products for you. Recently, they launched the newest members of their family, Beach Envy Volume and High Rise Volume. Your hair will certainly rise (literally) above the rest.

For those who are curious, yes, Redken did in fact discontinue the Body Full line, and these products will be taking its place. High Rise is your more volumizing line if you want a polished but still big and voluminous look, especially those who have finer hair types and need some lift and body. The High Rise Lifting Shampoo is your starting point for cleaning and lifting your hair all at once. It will give you body and a beautiful, silky finish. It is perfect for those who have flat and fine hair types that need a boost. Need a volumizing conditioner? Look no further than the High Rise Volume Lifting Conditioner. No one wants big voluminous hair with knots, am I right? This volumizing conditioner will not only give limp hair lift, but it will also detangle at the same time for big hair without the hassle. Hair is left soft and easier to style and work with, making the process a lot more manageable when styling. Speaking of styling, after washing hair you need a product to coordinate with your shower routine. That’s where the High Rise Volume Duo Volumizer comes in. This product is unique as it is a gel-cream, so you get the long life of the gel and the manageability of a cream to make your hair unbeatable. It combines the power of both products to give you unbelievable lift, body and volume. Let’s say you don’t exactly want huge hair, but you want the appearance that you just stepped off of a beach and your hair is wavy, textured, and just gorgeous. You either want to go big or beachy, and we talked about big already, so let’s go beachy, shall we? The Beach Envy line will be your best friend if you dream of summer waves. The Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo is your starting point. It gently cleanses hair as it gives volumizes and gives texture to the hair all at once. It will give amplified, loose and just downright beautiful waves. To further add to the summer look, follow with Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Conditioner. What’s interesting about this conditioner is that it has a unique consistency; it is a gel-lotion conditioner but it will not give a weird feeling to the hair. It gently conditions and detangles hair while it gives body and texture and sets the hair up for beautiful waves. If you need a product to further help achieve those waves without the sand, look no further than the Beach Envy Wave Aid Spray. This salt-free styling treatment spray contains a blend of minerals to infuse hair with texture and movement without feeling crunchy. It is perfect for using before styling or air drying. Spraying on wet hair before air drying, blow drying or diffusing will give it an effortless look. If you want to use it on dry hair, use before curling or waving hair for a knockout look.

Would you want to go big, or go beachy? What type of hair would you prefer? Leave a comment below, or if you have already tried either line!

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