Beat The Summertime Hair Blues!

Beat The Summertime Hair Blues!

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Summer is here… and with that comes heat and humidity! We all know that heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair, causing it to be dry, frizzy and hard to tame. Summer also brings the fun in the sun-hanging at the beach or the pool. It’s no secret that the salty water of the ocean or the chemicals in the pool can damage your hair. So what can you do to beat the summer hair blues? I’ll share my top three tips and tricks below!

We all know to beat dry hair, you need to use a weekly, or biweekly, mask - that’s no surprise. Sometimes deciding which hair mask to use is the challenge. My favorite for summer is Redken’s Diamond Oil Deep Facets. Not only will it hydrate your parched locks, but it will prevent damage and breakage while enhancing natural shine. Each strand of your hair will feel replenished, softer and smoother, and more fortified after the first use!

Choosing the right brush to detangle can make all the difference in the texture of your hair. I ONLY brush my hair with The Wet Brush. They make a few different sizes – I carry the mini in my purse at all times! Let be honest, in the summer your windows are down causing tangles in your hair anytime you go somewhere – you will need to detangle when you get there. They are perfect for beach bags or by the pool too. The Wet Brush bristles are thin but strong and flexible allowing it to glide through any hair type combating tangles effortlessly and reducing breakage. Since the bristles are flexible, it enables protective and pain-free detangling.

One of my favorite tricks to saving my hair from becoming dry in the summer is always keeping a leave in conditioner in my beach bag (or when I’m by the pool). Spraying your hair with a leave in conditioner before playing in the waves or swimming the in the pool will help protect your hair from the damaging effects of salt and chemicals. I usually always reapply when I leave the water as well. My favorite leave in conditioner is It’s a 10 Leave In with Keratin, I do alternate between the one with keratin and the blonde (as I bleach my hair). I love how soft the Leave In with Keratin leaves my hair while the one for blondes as UV filters in it. *Don’t forget to use a clarifying shampoo when you return home from the beach or pool – just remember to not clarify too often as this will dry out your hair even more! I always deep condition when I use a clarifying shampoo – this is a great time to use your mask!

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