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Our Milkshake Brings Great Hair to the Yard!

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Getting tired of your normal hair care products? Need something new to give your hair exactly what it needs? Beauty Plus Salon is excited to introduce Milkshake into our line up! This hair care line will give your hair exactly what it needs. It is formulated with some of the most professional ingredients, such as milk protein, which is fitting for the name. All of their products are also suitable for all hair types. Let’s explore some of the products, shall we?

Color Maintainer Shampoo: Milkshake created this shampoo to care for the beauty of color treated hair. It is a hydrating and protective shampoo that will maintain the vibrancy of hair color. It will also repair the hair cuticle and protect color against radicals and harmful UV rays.

Color Maintainer Conditioner: Similar to its sister shampoo, the color maintaining conditioner will hydrate, detangle and protect color treated hair. It will also maintain a healthy balance of moisture and leave hair soft, radiant and smooth.

Energizing Blend Shampoo: Where are my ladies with fine or thinning hair? You need this shampoo in your life. This energizing shampoo will deeply cleanse while being gentle on the scalp. It will purify, stimulate and fortify hair all at once.

Energizing Blend Conditioner: Those with fine and thin hair all desire a conditioner that will hydrate, detangle and soften the hair without the added weight. This conditioner is perfect for all those needs. Combined with the shampoo, these will give hair a foundation for new hair growth.

Silver Shine Shampoo: Blondes like me LOVE shampoos like these. With the deep purple pigments found in this shampoo, yellow and brassy tones are instantly removed from blonde and gray hair tones. This shampoo will refresh and brighten these hair tones and eliminate any unwanted pigmentation.

Leave-In Conditioner: Any hair type will benefit from this leave in conditioning spray. It is for either normal or dry hair types that gives manageability and a healthy moisture balance to hair. It will also give hair strength, shine and protection against UV rays. It also smells like cake batter. Yes please!

Incredible Milk 12 Effects: When this intense leave-in treatment has won awards, it has to be good. It is the only leave-in that you need. It gives hair 12 different actions such as heat and UV protection, detangling, controlling frizz, strengthener, among many others.

Whipped Cream Leave In Foam: The leave in foam is Milkshake’s best-selling item. This no rinse, leave in conditioning foam is a deep and protective leave in formula that will condition and restructure the hair. It also gives it softness and manageability, all without weighing the hair down.

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