Are You Racing Against Gray Re-Growth?

Are You Racing Against Gray Re-Growth?

Do you find yourself freaking out when you see the gray re-growth creeping in?  Especially when you have Aunt Tilly’s Anniversary party and getting an appointment with your stylist is next to none without much notice. You’re not alone, there is a lot of maintenance in coloring your hair, especially, if you’re spending big bucks with visits to the salon. Welcome to the world of root touch-ups, also known as root concealers, or as some people call it, their “secret” to keeping their hair looking great in between salon visits.  This styling aid has made the ease of temporary gray coverage a no-brainer, and if you haven’t tried a root-touch product, here’s some info that can assist on giving it a shot.

A Variety of Formulas and Colors Offered

Root touch-up color is available in multiple colors from blond to black and various shades in between; formulas range from “lipstick style” color sticks, “mascara wand” color tubes, to powders, and or sprays. Deciding which one works best for you, really depends on the ease of application for your gray hair challenges.

Got a ton of Gray?

If you have a ton of gray?   I would consider a spray as it covers a great deal of hair in the shortest amount of time, Salon in Bottle Root Touch Up, offers colors from dark blonde shades to very dark brown and black.  What’s more, it’s precision nozzle allows you to spear head root areas with ease.  Just spray directly onto gray areas!  This life-saver touch up color is swim-proof, smudge-proof, and lasts until your next shampoo.  Another spray, Style Edit Root Concealer also available in a variety colors from blonde to black instantly covers gray in seconds and its condition formula with color adaptive pigments, smoothly adhere to the hair fibers and self-adjusts to perfectly match your hair color.   Prefer something besides a spray?  Consider Ardell Touch of Color, available with a sponge like applicator, it’s effortless, just twist to release the formula and apply where needed.

 Gray in Hair Line Only?

If you don’t have a ton of gray, maybe you notice some areas at the hair line or around the ear, I would consider root touch-up formulas which give more control in application.  Powders like Color Wow Root Cover, available in 5 colors from blonde to black offer a simple application as it’s just a powder compact with a small brush.  This professional mineral powder is applied to dry hair with the brush and is put on by patting from roots to ends. It’s water-resistant and lasts until shampooed out.   Not a fan of the brush?  Powders also come with another type of applicator like Style Edits Root Touch-Up Powder, which uses a sponge applicator, with a canister-like powder, just sweep a small amount of powder over gray roots starting from scalp and working outward.  Maybe you’d like to experiment with a color stick?  Think about Roux Tween Time Touch Up Stick, an oversized lipstick-like tube of color which instantly covers grays roots.  Ideal for quick touch up, just moisten the tip and apply to gray areas, lasts until next shampoo.  These cover-ups are best for those who like to efficiently mask even the smallest of areas.

Gray Facial Hair?

If you’re looking to cover just your facial hair?  Consider Clubman Moustache Wax, it is a grooming, styling, and color touch-up product; available in Black, Brown, or Chestnut.  This unique styling aid is perfect for training mustaches, beards, sideburns and unruly hair without being greasy. It will also keep the bushiest eyebrows in place. It is water soluble, washes out easily.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with gray hair, hey it’s a sign of age and wisdom!  But if you’d like the option to camouflage the gray, seek one of the easy solutions, you’ll be happy you did.

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